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Ran Away From Home With Rs 300 To Become An Actor His Film Of 100 Crore Earned 1200 Crore Do You Know Name

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Papa, a bus driver, ran away from home with Rs 300 to become an actor, his Rs 100 crore film has earned Rs 1200 crore - do you know?

KGF Star Yash: Started struggle with Rs 300, today is top hero

special things

  • This actor is a superstar of South
  • Had left home with Rs 300
  • Today films earn crores

New Delhi:

KGF Star Yash: The journey to reach the heights from the floor is not an easy one. For this one has to make many sacrifices and also have to face struggles. Today, there are many stars shining on the silver screen who have struggled a lot in life, but today they are at great heights. But even after reaching great heights, he has not forgotten his roots. Yash is one such star. Yash, who was a famous face of Kannada cinema, is today known all over the world for his acting. The reason for this is his film KGF. Its two parts have come out and this film has already collected crores of rupees at the box office. But on many occasions it is visible how down to earth this star is and has not forgotten his roots.

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KGF star Yash was born on 8 January 1986. Yash is also quite popular among fans as Rocking Star. Yash’s real name is Naveen Kumar Gowda. Yash is from Hassan district of Karnataka. Yash is from a middle class family and his father worked as a bus driver and served in KSRTC. After completing his studies in Mysore, Yash wanted to fulfill his dream of acting but his parents were not ready for this. So Yash came to Bengaluru with just Rs 300 to fulfill his dream of acting. He joined Benaka Theater here. Yash started his career with the Kannada TV serial ‘Nanda Gokula Naam’. After this he appeared in many TV shows.

Yash started his acting career in 2008 with the Kannada film ‘Mogina Manasu’. From this film, success started kissing his feet. For this he won the Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actor. The first big hit of Yash’s career was ‘Modalasala’. Interestingly, Yash married his own film’s lead actress Radhika in 2016. Yash made his mark in Kannada cinema in a very short time. However, Yash got the most popularity from his film ‘KGF Chapter 1’. This film was liked a lot in India as well as abroad.

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