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Rare snake seen in Thailand, looks exactly like grass, did it come from another planet?

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Our earth is full of mysteries. Many such creatures have been living here for centuries, about which we do not know anything. When their information comes to light, we are astounded. These days a video of one such creature is going viral on social media. In this you will see a rare snake which looks exactly like green grass. You would hardly have ever seen such a snake. If it hides in the grass, it will be difficult to recognize. After seeing this you will feel as if you are looking at grass. People are asking questions whether it came from another planet, because no one is able to identify it. Some people are calling it a water snake which is considered quite poisonous.

A user named @Humanbydesign3 shared this on social media platform X. In the caption he told that this rare green colored snake has been found in Thailand. It is covered with green fur. This snake, which looks like a dragon, is 60 centimeters long. A local person had found it. He took it home and gave the fish to eat. Now it will be handed over to the team of scientists so that research can be done on it. After this more information will be revealed.

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Viewed more than 2.2 crore times
As soon as the video was shared it went viral. It has been viewed more than 2.2 crore times so far. More than 75 thousand likes and more than 10 thousand people have bookmarked it so that they can show it to others. 15 thousand people have retweeted it.- People are giving different types of reactions in the comment section. One user wrote, this is very scary. If it hides in the grass, it will be not only difficult but impossible to recognize. Another wrote, I have never seen such a snake. This is really surprising.

Is this a water snake?
According to some experts, it is believed that the hairy snake is a water snake with a swollen face and a lot of moss and algae growing on its body. It is also known as Homalopsis bucata. They are mildly poisonous and are found in the tropical regions of Southeast Asia. Their length can be up to one meter. They look like anaconda. When the snake shakes its body, the layer of algae gets removed automatically. This happens about 4 times a year.


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