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RAW agents had found Pakistan’s nuclear plant with a hair, know what was Operation Kahuta – Operation Kahuta RAW Agents Almost Reached Pakistan Nuclear Reactor with the help of hair tstm

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The intelligence agency of a country plays the most important role in its security. Each style and strategy of working of these agencies is astonishing. Similarly, India’s intelligence agency is RAW. Although first after independence, India had a good intelligence agency in the form of Intelligence Bureau (IB). Till 1968, IB used to conduct internal and external intelligence operations of India, but after this, the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi thought that it was very important for us to have our own foreign intelligence agency. In such a situation, in 1968, India’s famous spy Rameshwar Nath Kao established the intelligence agency RAW- Research and Analysis Wing.

When India’s Pokhran nuclear test in 1974 shocked the world, an arms race started between India and Pakistan. Being very wary of India’s growing nuclear capabilities, Pakistan had also started preparing to make nuclear weapons for itself and China was its strategic ally. Therefore, the first focus of RAW was Pakistan and the second was China.

RAW started Operation Kahuta

The motive of this mission, launched by RAW in 1977, was to detect and confirm Pakistan’s secret weapon program. It is said that Israel’s intelligence agency Mossad also helped in this mission of RAW. For almost a decade, ‘Cowboy’ R.N. Under the leadership of Kao, RAW worked to create a network inside Pakistan. RAW’s priority inside Pakistan was to find the location of this weapon program. Even before the end of the 1970s, RAW had established a good network inside Pakistan.

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‘How to know whether there is a nuclear plant in Kahuta or not?’

The people of the network had heard rumors about a nuclear plant here in Kahuta, Punjab. But the question was how to confirm this intelligence? Attempting to infiltrate a nuclear plant would have been foolish and would have taken years. And by then Pakistan would have got the rich fuel for the nuclear bomb. Pakistan kept it so hidden that despite RAW’s extensive network, they got only rumours.

Identification of scientist with nuclear program

Meanwhile, scientists told RAW that if a person takes part in a nuclear programme, then many such radioactive particles stick to his body through which it can be ascertained whether he is involved in anything nuclear or not. In a way, this would have been the identity of a scientist with a nuclear program. The agents were not able to understand what could be achieved from a scientist so that no one would have any doubt and the work could also be done. The agents were also aware that the Pakistani intelligence agency was also keeping an eye on the people involved in the nuclear program, so how could they be reached?

RAW agent stole hair from barber shop

Then a unique method was adopted in this intelligence operation. Actually, RAW agents discovered a barber shop in Kahuta. This was the same shop where Pakistan’s nuclear scientists used to come to get their hair cut. RAW agents followed a scientist to a barber’s shop and secretly stole some of the fallen hair under the pretext of cutting his hair. These samples were sent to India for lab test. When the test report came, everyone’s happiness knew no bounds. Because traces of radiation were found in the hair of that Pakistani scientist. Now everything was clear. India knew that the Kahuta plant was a plutonium refining plant designed to develop a nuclear bomb. It is now certain that Pakistan is indeed making nuclear weapons.

Mossad was worried because of North Korea

Here, Israel’s intelligence agency Mossad was also insecure about Pakistan acquiring nuclear weapons. It partnered with RAW to collect everything there was to know about the Pakistani nuclear programme. Mossad was also worried because Pakistani scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan, the father of Pakistan’s nuclear program, had visited Pyongyang, North Korea. At that time, the command of North Korea was in the hands of dictator Kim Jong Un’s father and he was continuously trying to make a nuclear bomb. North Korea considered Israel as its staunch enemy, hence Mossad felt that if North Korea made a nuclear bomb with the help of Pakistani scientist Khan, then its troubles would increase further. In such a situation, Israel wanted to directly bomb the Kahuta plant. But a big problem got stuck from the Indian side.

One mistake ruined the whole network

Actually, relations between India and Pakistan at that time were not as bad as they are today. At that time the leadership used to talk to each other on the phone. During one such conversation, General Zia ul Haq got a signal that India had received the news of our nuclear program. Zia Ul Haq was shocked to know this and Pakistan immediately removed all RAW networks and made a deal with the United States to protect Kahuta from Israeli bombing.

‘…then perhaps Pakistan would not have been able to make a nuclear bomb’

Also, the result of this mistake on the part of India was that people involved in RAW network in Pakistan were selectively killed. Due to a mistake, RAW network in Pakistan was ruined. This mission of RAW may not have been completely successful. But, in fact, this operation of RAW was not only historical, but also one of the most risky missions in the world. This operation is considered one of the many spectacular operations of Kahoota RAW. Had the inputs of the agents involved in this been used properly, perhaps Pakistan would not have been able to make a nuclear bomb till date.

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