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Rekha: Why did Rekha use the word ‘badnaam’ for herself? still the question

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Rekha Controversies: As much popularity as Rekha, the veteran actress of Hindi cinema, gained from her films, she remained in the headlines for her personal life. Rekha’s name was also associated with many actors. But today we are going to talk about that story, when the actress used the word infamous for herself. Yes… In an old interview, Rekha had described herself as a badam actress. Also, Rekha said that her past is rotten.

Why did Rekha call herself a badnaam actress?

Actually, the name of Bollywood actress Rekha Movies is associated with many actors. One of which has also been of Vinod Mehra. In Rekha’s biography The Untold Story, even the marriage of actress and superstar Vinod Mehra is mentioned. There is also mention in the biography about the story that the mother of superstar Vinod Mehra did not like Rekha at all. And when Vinod Mehra had reached his house with Rekha for the first time, the superstar’s mother even took out slippers to beat her.

According to a report, in 1973, Rekha Marriage used the word infamous for herself in an interview. Adding to the mother of superstar Vinod Mehra, the actress had said, for her (Vinod Mehra’s mother) she is not just an actress, but an infamous actress. Whose past is rotten. Reputation is also bad. Also, the actress said that she (Superstar’s mother) was tolerating him (Rekha) for Vinod’s sake but she will not tolerate it any further.

Did Vinod-Rekha really get married?

Actress Rekha flatly denied her marriage with Vinod Mehra in Simmi Grewal’s chat show. Talking about Vinod Mehra in the chat show, Rekha said, he was always close to her and he was always her well wisher.

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