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Report: Pakistan got mercy from IMF for making a secret deal with America, you will be surprised to know the truth of three billion dollars – Secret Pakistani Arms Sale To Us Helped Facilitate IMF Bailout

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No one is unaware of the deteriorating economic conditions of Pakistan. Every day he extends his hand to other countries. In this sequence, Pakistan was demanding mercy from everyone to save its falling foreign exchange reserves. Then, in July, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) announced a three billion dollar relief package to help the neighboring country. This brought joy to the faces of the people there. However, now a shocking revelation has come to light regarding this help. It is being claimed in a report that he got this help under a secret deal with America.

this was the deal

Two sources were quoted as saying that the US had earlier this year secured a deal for an IMF bailout package for Pakistan in exchange for the purchase of secret weapons. This deal was related to the purpose of supplying weapons to the Ukrainian army. An American media report has given this information quoting sources confirming government documents of Pakistan and America.

The public doesn’t seem to know anything

The report says that this shows how much pressure Pakistan had to face from America. Because the arms sales were aimed at supplying the Ukrainian army. It is further said that this also shows how the elite class associated with politics and finance works secretly. The public never gets to know anything about this.

strict conditions imposed

An American media also reported that some stringent conditions have been laid down in the bailout package received from the IMF, due to which the country had to face major opposition. There were many strikes in the country. This protest is the latest chapter of the political crisis that has been going on in the country for one and a half years.

It was claimed that before leaving, Imran had expressed his displeasure to the diplomats in the Foreign Ministry over Pakistan’s aggressive neutral stance in the Ukraine war. Since his departure, Ukraine has become a supporter of Pakistan, America and its allies in the war. Its help is now being repaid in the form of an IMF loan. An emergency loan to Pakistan from the IMF allowed the new Pakistani government to avoid economic disaster and postpone elections indefinitely.

Shells made in Pakistan Ukraine…

Pakistan is known as the production center of basic weapons required for the Ukraine war. Ukraine suffers from chronic shortages of munitions and hardware. In such a situation, information about the use of shells and other weapons made in Pakistan by the Ukrainian Army has come to light several times. However, neither America nor Pakistan has ever accepted this report. According to some documents that have been leaked, there was an agreement on the sale of arms between America and Pakistan from the year 2022 to February 2023.

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