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Richard Olson: Diamonds, Diplomacy and Romantic Life… The Story of the Fall of the Former US Ambassador

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In 2012, when Richard Olson came to Pakistan as the US Ambassador, the host country did not particularly welcome him, because Pakistan was angry over the US attack on its soil to kill Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad a year earlier.

Richard Olson cleverly took control of this situation. In this, his experience of more than 30 years of diplomacy outside America came in handy.

When he retired four years later in 2016, then US Secretary of State John Kerry said that Richard Olson, ‘one of our finest diplomats’, had made a far-reaching impact on American diplomacy.

But behind the scenes, the time after Richard Olson’s arrival in Islamabad is full of scandals. According to a US court document, Richard Olson faces allegations of extramarital affairs, undeclared diamond gifts, perjury and illegal lobbying.

This post originally appeared on www.bbc.com

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