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Rock of Love Where are They Now?

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After Amy’s death, Lauryn and Ashley embarked on a new spiritual journey, founding 5D Full Disclosure in Florida. Their “5D Spirituality” web series and online spiritual sessions attract followers, while merchandise promotes their movement.

From legal issues to ‘Christ’s awakening’ in Wisconsin

Amy’s former lover, Jason, faced legal challenges, but the charges were dropped. Now in Wisconsin, he and John run “Joy Rains,” remember Amy on social media and offer “Christ Awakening” sessions.

Healing Path in Colorado

In Colorado, Avigail, known as ‘Archeia Faith’, follows a path of healing, accepting spiritual quests to continue her journey.

Florida telegram tracking

Living in Florida, Ryan, despite the legal issues surrounding Amy’s body, has a significant following on Telegram, holding firm to the belief that Amy is God.

Quiet roommates in Colorado

Gabriel and Mary live quietly as roommates in Colorado, leaving behind the turbulent past associated with Love Won.

A quiet life in Colorado with three children

Erin, whose last name remains undisclosed, lives in Colorado with her three children, choosing a quiet life away from the limelight.

A quiet separation from love won

Miguel Lamboy, the former “Father God” who reported on Amy’s preserved corpse, refused to participate in the documentary and had no contact with the former group.

Pursue education and aspirations

Amy’s children, Cole and Madi, have moved on with their lives. Cole is studying microbiology in Germany, while Madi recently moved to Colorado with the desire to become a nurse.

Love has won: the documentary series Cult of the Mother of God

The three-episode docu-series premiered on November 13, 2023, providing an in-depth exploration of the life of Amy Carlson and the Love Has Won cult.

Disclosure of Background and Beliefs (November 13, 2023)

The series begins by going into the background of Amy Carlson and the Love Won Beliefs, setting the stage for understanding the dynamics of the cult.

Shedding Light on Cult Dynamics (November 20, 2023)

The second episode further explores the dynamics of the cult, shedding light on the members and their experiences within Love Has Won.

Consequences and impact (November 27, 2023)

Concluding the series, the third episode likely provides insight into the aftermath of Amy Carlson’s death and the impact on the former cast members, offering a comprehensive look at the Love Won story.

In essence, “Love Has Won: The Cult of Mother God” takes viewers on a journey, uncovering the mysteries surrounding the cult while avoiding glorifying harmful beliefs. The documentary aims to present a balanced view of the cult and its followers, allowing the audience to understand the social factors that led individuals to join Love Has Won.

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