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Rohit Sharma winning the Asia Cup will be in trouble, after the IND vs PAK match, the weather of India-Sri Lanka match will also be dishonest.

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IND vs PAK: The teams of India and Pakistan are ready to face each other on the field once again. But the weather remains unfaithful. It is known that the third match of Super 4 was to be played between India and Pakistan on Sunday. But the match was canceled due to rain. Now the match went to reserve day. But even on the reserve day, rain started affecting the match. It is raining heavily in Colombo. Looking at this rain, it seems that even today the match may be canceled due to rain.

After the IND vs PAK match, Team India’s next match will be against Sri Lanka.

IND vs SL 2023 2

Let us tell you that this is India’s first match against Pakistan in Super 4 (IND vs PAK). After this, Team India is going to face Sri Lanka. The match between India and Sri Lanka will be played tomorrow i.e. on 12th September at R Premadasa Stadium in Colombo. For your information, let us tell you that there is a threat of rain on this match also.

The match against Sri Lanka will be canceled due to rain

IND vs SL Playing XI for 1st ODI
IND vs SL Playing XI for 1st ODI

According to the Accuweather website, there is a possibility of heavy rain in Colombo on September 12. Accuweather has predicted 84 percent chance of rain in Colombo during the India-Sri Lanka match. Along with this, there will also be dark clouds during the match. There is also a 33 percent chance of a storm. Let us tell you that if both the matches of India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan are cancelled, what will happen in such a situation?

India will be able to reach the final if both the matches are cancelled.

If India’s matches both today and tomorrow are cancelled, will they be out of the final? Let us tell you that this will not happen. India can reach maximum 4 points. If their matches against Pakistan (IND vs PAK) and Sri Lanka are canceled and if they win against Bangladesh, the loser of Pakistan vs Sri Lanka will be out of the final. If their match against India is washed out due to rain, they will get 3 points.

However, if the Pakistan vs Sri Lanka match also gets washed out due to rain. So Sri Lanka, India and Pakistan will have 4 points each. In this situation there can be a triangular contest. Then the talk will come on net run rate. In such a situation, Pakistan will easily qualify for the final. Since their NRR is already better than SL. What will be India’s net run rate? This will be known from the match against Bangladesh. If India has to qualify for the finals and if its matches against Pakistan and Sri Lanka are cancelled. Therefore, they will have to win this match against Bangladesh at any cost.

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