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Romancham Three Crore Budget 67 Crore Worldwide Collection Horror Movie With Comedy – Budget of only three crores, earned 67 crores at the box office

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Budget of only Rs 3 crores, earned Rs 67 crores at the box office - this film made you laugh and scare you

The box office collection and budget of Tharansam is a blockbuster.

special things

  • Thrhanasam is an all time blockbuster of the year 2023.
  • Thrhanasham is a Malayalam language film.
  • Tharansham earned Rs 67 crores with a budget of Rs 3 crores.

New Delhi:

The magic of South films is everywhere. While films like Virupaksha to Kantara were ruling the box office in the beginning of the year 2023, now towards the end of the year, some low budget films are making their name famous by making huge collections. Tharansam, released on 3 February, is one such film, which was a horror comedy film in Malayalam language. This film got a lot of love from the fans, due to which Tharansham proved to be a superhit at the box office.

The horror comedy film Thrhanasham, released on 3 February 2023, was directed by Jeetu Madhavan, which was his directorial debut. Talking about the cast, Soubin Shahir, Arjun Ashokan, Sneha Mathew, Siju Sunny, Sajin Gopu and Aditya Bhaskar were seen in important roles.

Talking about the box office collection, Tharansam was included in the top grossing film of the year 2023, which earned Rs 69.63 crore. Apart from this, it was one of the top grossing films of 2023 in Telugu. Had done business of Rs 42.15 crore. Talking about the worldwide box office, the film had a collection of Rs 64 crores, whose budget was Rs 3 crores. Due to this it proved to be an all time blockbuster. Talking about the story, the story of Tharansam starts with a game called Ouija board game, which then takes a wrong turn. When seven bachelors summon a spirit. It remains to be seen what happens next.

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