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Russia: Russian government alert on attacks on Jews, President Putin calls meeting of security officials – Russian Government Alert Attack Attacks On Jews President Putin Calls Meeting Of Security Officials

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The Russian President called a meeting of security officials a day after attacks against Israeli civilians in Russia. Law enforcement officials also attended the meeting. Let us tell you, 20 people were injured in the attack. Police have detained 60 attackers. Let us tell you, the attackers were holding a banner in which it was written that murderers of children are not welcome in Dagestan, we are against Jewish refugees.

This is the whole matter

According to the Russian news agency, an airplane from Tel Aviv arrived at Makhachkala airport in Dagestan, Russia on Sunday. As soon as the Tel Aviv plane landed on Russian soil, hundreds of anti-Semites became furious. They attacked the airport. The attackers were holding anti-Semitic banners. Slogans were being raised against the Jews. They were holding Palestinian flags. It was written in the banners that – Killers of children are not welcome in Dagestan, we are against Jewish refugees. The attackers were raising religious slogans.

60 accused detained

The Health Ministry said that 20 people were injured in the attack, of which two were seriously injured. The injured include common people as well as police officers. Additionally, the police detained 60 people involved in the attack. The Russian investigative agency says it has started a criminal investigation on charges of inciting mass unrest.

Russian President Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that incidents dividing the society were discussed in the security meeting. The incident at the airport was caused by external factors. Additionally, Dagestan Governor Sergei Melikov says that some anti-social elements in Ukraine had organized the entire attack through the Telegram channel, with the aim of destabilizing Dagestan and promoting unrest. Let us tell you, the Israeli PM’s office said that he expects the Russians to protect Israeli citizens and Jews wherever they are.

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