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Russia-Ukraine War Russia Basic Military Training Children For War | Throwing bombs and using weapons are being taught in schools; made changes in the syllabus

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The picture has been taken from a Telegram channel named Horizontal Russia. In this, a schoolboy is seen picking up a rifle.

Russia is preparing children for war. According to CNN, children are being taught to throw bombs and use weapons in schools in the areas around the Black Sea. They are being taught to protect the soil of the country.

Changes have also been made in the syllabus. In August 2023, the Russian government released a new history book for children. In this the attack on Ukraine is justified. Militarization of Russian public schools has increased since the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine war.

7-8 year old children are being given military training
According to CNN, 7-8 year old children are being given basic military training. In these, they are being taught to operate automatic guns, assemble machine guns and cross any kind of obstacle. Mock drills are being conducted daily in schools. In many schools, children are being paraded in Army and Navy uniforms.

Army soldiers are also teaching children in schools.

Putin was earlier also accused of preparing a child army
After the war started, a human rights organization alleged that Russia was recruiting 16-year-old children into the army. An official had said that the Kremlin is resorting to recruiting children to increase the number of its soldiers in eastern Ukraine.

Government is busy in awakening patriotism
Russian troops attacked Ukraine on 24 February 2022. Vladimir Putin had only one objective behind this – to capture Ukraine. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky did not approve of this, hence even today, after 579 days, this war continues.

Russia has always called this attack a ‘special military operation’. This is what he is teaching the children. The government wants to inculcate the feeling of patriotism in the minds of children. For this, the government had added the history book written in 5 months to the syllabus in August 2023. It is written in the book that there was a need for demilitarization and denazification in Ukraine.

In the new history book, Ukraine has been described as an artificial state.

Education Minister Sergei Krasvatov had said – The purpose of the book is to make school children understand the meaning of demilitarization and denazification. An area where there is no army presence or there is no need for army due to peace is called demilitarized zone or area.

At the same time, denazification means giving freedom to people, in contrast to Hitler’s mentality of suppressing people, so that they can feel themselves truly free. They should not be afraid of anything. They can take decisions according to their ideology.

The purpose of ‘Special Military Operation’ will be explained
Education Minister Sergei Krasvatov had said that through the new book, school children studying in class 11th will be told about the purpose of Russia’s military operation on Ukraine. He says that after his victory over Ukraine, those chapters will also be added to the book.

This book also mentions Russia’s occupation of Crimea in 2014. The Russian occupation of Crimea has been described as establishing peace in the region. It said that Russian troops have established peace in Crimea.

At the same time, Putin’s aide Vladimir Medinsky praised the book and the author and said – no book has been written so fast in the history of our country. He said- The author has written this book in a very practical manner. Russia’s point of view is explained in this.

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