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Russia Ukraine War S 400 News: Ukraine Claims It Knocked Out S 400 Air Defense System In Crimea Russia

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Kyiv: There has now been a new turn in the fierce war that has been going on between Russia and Ukraine for the last one and a half years. Ukraine has claimed that it has destroyed Russia’s S-400 defense system, called Brahmastra, in Crimea. Ukraine said that it destroyed this Russian defense system near Yevpatoria. Ukraine said it destroyed the Russian system on Thursday morning with a perfect combination of drones and missiles. Ukraine said that this is the first time that drones have been used to destroy Russia’s air defense system. If this claim of Ukraine is true then it is a double blow for Russian President Putin.

According to sources, Ukraine confused the Russian system with the help of drones and then destroyed it with missiles. He said that the Ukrainian Navy had fired two surface-to-surface Neptune missiles. Although this missile of Ukraine is anti-ship, but by making changes in it, now Ukrainian army is also carrying out ground attacks. In the video released on social media, a loud explosion was heard near Yevpatoriya. Ukraine’s official TV channel for Crimea said on Telegram that the people of Yevpatoriya were able to find out what was happening there.
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Ukrainian media reported that Russia also did not inform the people of Yevpatoriya about the incident. Ambulances and police vehicles are running throughout the city. Meanwhile, Russia claimed that its air defense system has shot down 11 Ukrainian drone aircraft in Crimea. According to the report of American news website Drive, due to the destruction of S-400, it has become very easy for Ukraine to attack Crimea with drones and missiles. Just a day before this attack, Ukraine had caused major damage to Russia.

Ukraine has caused heavy damage to a Kilo class submarine and a ship of the Russian Navy with the help of cruise missiles and drone aircraft. Ukraine carried out this attack in Sevastopol. Not only this, Ukraine strongly attacked another Russian warship in the Black Sea. However, the extent of the damage he suffered could not be confirmed. Meanwhile, Russia’s Defense Ministry has said that it has destroyed a Ukrainian drone boat. If Russia’s S-400 system is destroyed, it will be a big blow for Putin not only in terms of security but also in terms of money. Russia has sold this system to China, India and Türkiye. He had further plans to sell to other countries of the world also. This failure may reduce the number of its buyers.

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