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Russia Ukraine War Ukrainian Army Targets Crimean City After Attacking Russia Black Sea Fleet Headquarters

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Russia-Ukraine War Updates: A fierce war has been going on between Russia and Ukraine for the last 19 months. A Russian official has informed that Ukraine has launched another missile attack on Sevastopol in the Crimean peninsula on Saturday (September 23) morning. Gov. Mikhail Razvozhayev informed on messaging app Telegram that missile debris had fallen near Sevastopol.

Apart from this, according to Ukrainian Telegram news channel, loud explosions were also heard near Vilne in Northern Crimea, after which clouds of smoke emerged. Ukrainian military intelligence chief Kirill Budanov told Voice of America on Saturday that nine people, including two generals, were killed and 16 wounded in a Ukrainian airstrike on Russia’s Black Sea naval headquarters in Crimea. Let us tell you that in 2014, Russia had illegally occupied Crimea.

Did Ukraine use Storm Shadow cruise missile?
Ukrainian military intelligence chief Kirill Budanov claimed that General Alexander Romanchuk, commanding Russian forces on the south-eastern frontline, is in a very serious condition due to the missile attack. At the same time, Kirill Budanov’s claim that missiles from Western countries were used in the air strike carried out by Ukraine cannot be confirmed. The Ukrainian head did not make any comment regarding this.

However, it is believed that Ukraine had used the British-made Storm Shadow cruise missile in the missile attack. On this, Britain’s Defense Ministry said that three consecutive commanders of one of Russia’s most prestigious air regiments have either resigned or been killed.

According to Ukraine’s cyber-defense chief, Russian spies are using hackers to target computer systems in law enforcement agencies in Ukraine to identify and obtain evidence related to the Russian war.

12 attacks on Black Sea Headquarters- Ukraine Army
The Russian Defense Ministry initially said Friday’s attack killed one member of its Black Sea headquarters, but later issued a statement saying he was missing. Giving information about Friday’s attack on Sevastopol, the Ukrainian Army said that the Air Force carried out 12 attacks on the Black Sea Headquarters. They targeted areas where personnel, military equipment and weapons are kept.

‘Crimea has been increasingly targeted’
The Institute for the Study of War said Ukraine has increasingly targeted Crimea in recent weeks. Military experts say it is necessary for Ukraine to continue attacking Crimea to demoralize Russians and weaken their military.

At the same time, Ukraine’s army said on Saturday that Russia had launched 15 Iranian drones in the front-line Zaporizhia region in the south-east as well as in the Dnipropetrovsk province in the north, of which 14 drones were destroyed. The governor of the Zaporozhye region, Yuri Malashko, said Russia had carried out 86 attacks on 27 settlements in the province over the past day.

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