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Salman Khan Shared An Emotional Post For His Niece Alizheh Fans Emotional – Salman Khan wrote an emotional note for his niece

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Salman Khan wrote an emotional note for his niece - Do a favor to your uncle...

salman khan and alizeh

New Delhi:

Salman Khan is a very sweet person…a friend to his friends and a wonderful senior to his juniors. Apart from this, if we talk about his family, he comes first for him. Especially the children of the family. Be it Arpita Sharma’s children or Alvira’s children, they have a special bonding with Salman i.e. their maternal uncle. Right now we got to see this bonding and love in a latest tweet. While sharing an old picture, Salman wished Alvira’s daughter i.e. his niece Alizel.

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Mamujaan Salman Khan has a unique bond with Alizeh Agnihotri and Arpita’s children, Ayat and Ahil. Today i.e. on 16th September, he shared an old picture with Alizeh. Along with this, he also shared an emotional note. Salman wrote, “Do Mamu a favor… whatever you do, do it with heart and hard work! Always remember, go straight in life and turn right. Compete only with yourself. Don’t become like anyone else in order to fit in, and don’t become different in order to be different… and most importantly, once you have made a commitment, don’t even listen to your uncle!!”

This is the post:

Because of this post of Salman, people have started discussing about Alizeh’s debut. Perhaps Alizeh is going to appear in films soon, that is why Salman Khan is giving her guidance. In March, it was reported that Salman Khan’s niece Alizeh Agnihotri will debut in Bollywood with Avnish Barjatya’s first film. Avneesh is the son of film maker Sooraj Barjatya. However, this turned out to be wrong. Later it was said that film maker Somendra Padhi has chosen Alizeh for his next film. Padhi is known for his Netflix series ‘Jamtara’ 1 and 2. She also won the National Award for her film ‘Budhiya Singh: Born to Run’ with Manoj Bajpayee. His next film with Alizeh Agnihotri has already gone on floors.

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