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Sanjay Mishra Daughters Lamha And Pal Mishra Photo Viral Fans Said Prettiest Star Kids – Seeing Sanjay Mishra’s daughters Lamha and Pal, all star kids will forget, fans also said after seeing the photo

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All star kids will forget seeing Sanjay Mishra's daughters Lamha and Pal, fans also said after seeing the photo - cutest

Picture of Sanjay Mishra’s daughters went viral

New Delhi :

Sanjay Mishra is a well-known and veteran actor of Bollywood. Sanjay Mishra has shown his acting skills in many films till now. Recently Sanjay Mishra has been seen in the film Dwand, which is being liked by the audience a lot. You all are aware of Sanjay Mishra and his acting, but have you ever paid attention to his personal life? If not, then let us introduce you to his family today. 59 year old Sanjay Mishra was born on 6 October in Darbhanga. Sanjay’s wife’s name is Kiran Mishra, with whom he has two daughters named Lamha and Pal Mishra.

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Sanjay Mishra is a family man

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Sanjay Mishra is a family man and is often seen spending time with his family. The actor also shares family photos from time to time on his social media. In this sequence, a photo of Sanjay Mishra with his wife and two daughters is going viral. Both the daughters of the actor are looking very cute in this photo. People are liking another photo very much, in which he is seen riding an auto rickshaw with his two daughters Lamha and Pal. After seeing these pictures, fans are in love with the actor’s daughters and are calling Lamha and Pal as the cutest star kids.

Actor devastated by father’s death
Let us tell you that there came a time in Sanjay Mishra’s life when after doing 140 films, he fell prey to illness. During this period his father took great care of him. When he recovered, his father passed away. The death of his father shook the actor. Because of this, he left everything and went to Rishikesh and started working at a dhaba. Although the people coming there recognized Sanjay Mishra, the owner of the dhaba was unaware of his popularity. It is said that Rohit Shetty was looking for a funny character for his film. He thought of Sanjay Mishra. After a lot of efforts, he found the actor and cast him in his film ‘All the Best’. The actor’s new journey started from here.

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