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Sapna Choudhary did a tremendous dance by shaking her thin waist on the stage, the audience was stunned.

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Haryana’s cool girl Sapna Chaudhary remains popular on social media every day due to her dance. Whenever there is any program of his, the people of UP-Haryana lose their temper after seeing his dance.

Many times, people get so excited after seeing their dance that people become desperate to see them. Recently, a very old dance video of Sapna Chaudhary Dance is making waves on the internet. Seeing this, even their fans are going crazy.

Sapna Choudhary’s old Haryanvi song ‘English Medium’ is trending on YouTube. After watching this video, people themselves are being forced to dance.

In the video of this song, Sapna is wearing an orange colored salwar suit. Wearing a dupatta on her head, she is seen doing the Matka Matka dance with full swing. In this video it can be seen how young and old people are lining up to watch Sapna Choudhary’s dance.

You can watch this video by searching on Chanda Video YouTube channel. Where the video of this song has received 10 million views. Many people are praising this video by pressing like and making thousands of comments.

Whatever position Sapna Chaudhary has reached today, she is the sole partner of it, who has made her name famous all over the world with her hard work. Although Sapna Choudhary has given many stage performances which keep trending at the top on YouTube.

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