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Saudi Arabia Warns Israel, its consequences will be very serious… Saudi Arabia warns Israel for extremely dangerous repercussions – israel attck in rafah saudi arabia warns for extremely dangerous repercussions

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Riyadh: Saudi Arabia has warned of extremely dangerous consequences of the Israeli attack on Rafah, the southern city of Gaza Strip. Thousands of Palestinians have taken refuge in this area due to the Israel-Hamas war. The Saudi Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Saturday that Rafah is the last refuge for thousands of civilians who have been forced to flee the brutal Israeli offensive. If Israel attacks in this area too, then it will have dangerous consequences.
The statement said that attacking Rafah would be the height of cruelty. We strongly condemn Israel’s efforts to forcibly displace people and reiterate our call for an immediate ceasefire. Saudi has said that Israel is continuously violating international law and human rights laws. The United Nations Security Council should immediately hold a session to stop Israel from this catastrophe. Egypt has also reacted to the campaign in Rafah by Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and the attacks by his forces. Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry has warned the Israeli government about these attacks, saying that any kind of ground attack on Rafah will have disastrous consequences. Israel’s goal behind these attacks is to drive Palestinians out of their land, which cannot be supported.

44 people died in Rafah

At least 44 people, one-third of whom are children, were killed in Gaza’s Rafah area in Israeli airstrikes on Saturday. These attacks were carried out hours after the Israeli Prime Minister’s statement in which he asked the army to prepare a plan to evacuate thousands of people from Rafah. Repeated orders have been issued by Israel to vacate this area.

More than 28 thousand people have been killed so far in the war between Hamas and Israeli forces in Gaza. The Health Ministry of Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip has given this information while issuing a statement on Saturday. The ministry said in its statement that 67,611 people have been injured in Gaza since the war began on October 7. A large number of women and children are also among the dead and injured.

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