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Scary video surfaced 12 years after Tsunami, this is how Japan was destroyed, your soul will tremble after seeing it

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Nature has created a lot for humans. Everything that humans need to survive is present in nature. Nature has a lot to fulfill man’s needs but there are less resources to satisfy man’s greed. Nature fulfills human needs like a mother. But when man, in his greed, exploits it beyond limits, then nature shows its fierce form.

There are many such natural disasters, which show man his worth. Man feels that he can distort nature according to his needs. But then nature appears in the form of such disasters that all the misconceptions of humans are removed. Man becomes helpless in front of this nature which shows its anger in the form of earthquake and tsunami. In a short time, nature shows man his worth. The tsunami that hit Japan in March 2011 destroyed the lives of many people in an instant. An unseen video of this disaster was recently shared on social media, which is shocking people.

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This is how the disaster came
On March 11, 2011, Japan witnessed the devastation of the tsunami. The high waves of the sea had engulfed many people. Where many people were killed in this disaster. There was also a lot of damage to property. Man had become helpless in front of the fierce form of the sea. At that time, many videos of this disaster on television were shared on social media. Twelve years after this disaster, an unseen video of it was again shared on social media. After seeing this you will understand how devastating this tsunami was.

Japan was destroyed in a moment
In the video going viral, you can see how fast the flow of water was. Cars and houses were all washed away in this flow. The flood of water and roads of the city will surprise you too. First, in the video made from the roadside, people were seen running to save their lives. After this, it was seen in a video captured from a tall building how this tsunami had destroyed Japan. Let us tell you that this tsunami was caused by an earthquake in the Pacific Ocean. According to reports, this tsunami had taken the lives of 18 thousand people.


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