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Secrets Of Eerie Mermaid Mummy Scientists Probe Creature Discovered In Japan Is Looks Like Fish Monkey Reptile Mystery

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mermaid or mummy, scientists are entangled in the mystery, busy in investigation

This creature looks like monkey, crocodile and fish, scientists engaged in investigation.

Secrets Of Eerie Mermaid Mummy: You must have heard many such stories from your grandmother, whose characters sometimes seem like reality and sometimes like a dream, but if some such characters come across, then it is natural to be surprised. Recently, some scientists are engaged in solving the mystery of one such so-called ‘mermaid’ and ‘mummy’, which they are preparing to bring to the world soon. The creature which the scientists are investigating. Yes, it looks somewhat like a fish, monkey and reptile, seeing which you will also be surprised.

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What does this creature look like?

According to the report of Daily Mail, a team of some scientists is engaged in the investigation of such a creature, some parts of which appear like the so-called ‘mermaid’ fish (Mystery of Mermaid Mummy), and some parts appear like monkeys and reptiles (crocodile or lizard). It happens. It is being told that this creature was brought from Japan by an American sailor, who donated it to the Clark County Historical Society in Springfield, Ohio in 1960. This strange creature’s teeth, large claws, fish-like lower half and undercoat of gray hair have astounded museum visitors for decades.

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Now the secret may be revealed

The secrets of this so-called mermaid may be revealed. Actually, scientists have done X-ray and CT scan of it for the first time to understand its real nature and find out about it. Joseph Kress, a radiologist at Northern Kentucky University, said, ‘Looking at the external appearance of this organism, it appears to be of three different species. It has the head and torso of a monkey, the arms of a crocodile or some kind of lizard, and the tail of a fish. However, it is currently an unknown species. Investigation is being done by scientists to know the secrets of the creature.

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