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Section 108 Teaser: A scam, a case and a lawyer….how will Nawazuddin Siddiqui find the missing person for years?

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Section 108 Movie Release Date: Nawazuddin Siddiqui has been enthralling the audience with his characters every time. Recently, he is in discussion about his film Haddi Movie, but now he has created a ruckus by sharing the teaser of Section 108. It is clear from the teaser of this film that Nawazuddin is going to play the role of a lawyer who is very clever and also dangerous. He can do anything to win his case. The 1 minute 44 second trailer has suspense, mystery and thrill i.e. all the spice that is expected from an entertainment film. Regina Cassandra will also be in an important role along with Nawazuddin in the film.

Why is the teaser of Section 108 special?

This teaser starts with suspense. Shikha Saxena (Regina Cassindra) is an officer of an insurance company who brings a case to Tahur Khan (Nawazuddin Siddiqui). The case is of a billionaire who has been missing for years and now if he does not appear, the insurance company will have to pay a hefty amount to his nominee. She asks Tahur Khan to fight this case and he says yes. They claim that it is a funny case and they will dig that person out from the ground as well.

Now Nawazuddin Siddiqui has made a promise, so he will definitely fulfill it. But how it is going to be very interesting to see. At the moment only the teaser of the film has come and it is so spectacular that on seeing it, the fans have become excited for this film. However, the date of when the film will be released has not been revealed.

Bone will be released on OTT
At the same time, Nawazuddin’s bone is also going to come, whose trailer has arrived and people are very scared even after seeing it. In this film, Nawazuddin is going to see such a form which you would not have seen before. The film will stream on G5 on 7 September.

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