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Shah Rukh Khan Publicly Threaten Netflix On Jawan OTT Release

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Neither Salman nor Aamir can do this, only Shahrukh Khan openly threatened Netflix on his birthday.

Shahrukh Khan’s Jawan released on Netflix

New Delhi:

Shah Rukh Khan Threaten Netflix: Shah Rukh Khan’s magic has been seen in the year 2023. First Pathan, then Jawan and now his year has been a blockbuster with Danky releasing in December. Due to this, he is celebrating his 58th birthday today i.e. on 2nd November. He is seen celebrating with great pomp. Meanwhile, he has released the uncut version of Jawan to the fans on the OTT platform Netflix, with the announcement of which he has done something which even Salman Khan and Aamir Khan have not been able to do till date.

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A video has been shared on Instagram announcing the OTT release of Jawan, in which King Khan is seen threatening Netflix in the style of Jawan’s Azad. After watching this video, there is a smile on the faces of the fans also.

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