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Shigaraki & Spinner Play League Of Legends, Shoji Reveals His Dark Past

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In the latest chapter of My Hero Academia, titled “Together with Shoji-Kun,” our heroes find themselves in the middle of a fierce battle against the Paranormal Liberation Front. Here is a simple overview of what happened.

Hero’s Question: Confusion Unleashed

Our hero, Shoji-Kun, is confused by Spinner’s involvement in the hospital matter. The two seem confused, and their conversation leaves us with more questions than answers. Meanwhile, Koda listens carefully to his friend’s voice as the mutant conflict rages on. The leader of the Paranormal Liberation Front hints at something dark, possibly connected to past massacres, further fueling their determination.

Shoji’s desperate plea

Amidst the chaos, Shoji tries to get Spinner to understand the devastation their actions are causing. Spinner, however, is consumed by anger. A flashback reveals how a mysterious villain gifted Spinner with two unique traits: rigidity and armor. We also get a glimpse of Shigaraki and Spinner’s shared passion for the popular game “League of Legends,” with Tomura often choosing to go it alone.

A surprising advantage of Spinners

Spinner gains the upper hand in the battle, launching a terrifying attack with massive scales emerging from his body. Shoji was sent flying, causing Koda to scream. Shoji’s connection with the creatures brings back memories of the day he discovered his past and revealed his face.

Shoji’s painful past

Shoji’s past was marked by discrimination due to his unusual hands, which earned him the label of “tainted blood”. Raised in a small village, he explains how discrimination flourishes in rural areas, something his friends Tokoyami and Koda find unfamiliar.

Mineta’s apology

Mineta regrets comparing Shoji to an “octopus” in the past and offers a sincere apology. Shoji, known as “Tentacole” among the heroes, does not mind the nickname and even pays attention to the ranking of the heroes, appreciating those who resemble villains.

Tentacole’s realism

Tentacole is a realist who accepts the challenges of his birth. Despite the hardships he faces as a mutant, he wears a mask so as not to give the wrong impression that he is seeking “revenge”. Tokoyami admires Shoji’s strength in the face of adversity. We witness a moving flashback of Shoji saving a young girl from drowning, showing his heroism.

Emotional support

Kirishima, Kaminari and Mina are moved to tears as they realize the cruelty of Shoji’s life. They, along with Mineta, Koda and Tsuyu, give him a warm hug. Shoji admits that the divide between mutants and humans won’t disappear overnight, but vows to work towards a unified society, striving to be the “coolest hero” until he passes the torch to the next generation.

A message of hope

In the present, Shoji addresses the enemy, acknowledging the historical injustice facing mutants. However, he points out that this does not justify violence against innocent people. Spinner, driven by rage, resists Shoji’s attempt to channel his anger positively. Koda intervenes using her bird powers.

Spinner’s insults

Spinner, a die-hard Hero Killer Stain fan, expresses his disgust at Shoji’s new look. Shoji, developed and ready for a showdown, defiantly accepts Spinner’s insults. The chapter ends with Shoji’s transformation.

Author’s perspective

Kohei Horikoshi, creator of My Hero Academia, appreciates the support of the Jump Manga Awards account, @jump_mangashow, which provides valuable information about manga awards and deadlines. Horikoshi expresses his admiration for such resources, wishing they had existed during his student days.

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