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Shocking revelations in three surveys of Sharif’s party. Imran is most popular in Pakistan, now has double the support of Nawaz’s party

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Bhaskar correspondent Raza Hamdani from Islamabad3 hours ago

There is bad news for Nawaz Sharif and his party Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N), who is serving self-exile in Britain. Recently, three opinion polls conducted by his party have revealed that not only the party but also Nawaz Sharif is lagging behind Imran and his party in terms of popularity. Not only this, his younger brother Shahbaz is more popular than Nawaz in Punjab.

PML-N had conducted an opinion poll across Pakistan from three different companies in July. After this, the results of all these surveys were discussed in detail during the meeting of Nawaz Sharif, Shehbaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz in London.

According to all three surveys, despite the violent incidents on May 9, Imran’s positive approval rating is at 60%, while Nawaz Sharif is at 36%, Shahbaz at 35% and Maryam Sharif at 30%. The survey has revealed that if elections are held now, twice more people will vote for Imran’s PTI than those who will vote for PML-N.

Half of the supporters said- vote for the party even if not for Imran
38% of the respondents to the survey have overwhelmingly supported PTI, while 16% have supported PML-N and 10% have supported PPP. Half of the PTI supporters surveyed say that even if Imran Khan is no longer the president of PTI, they will still vote for PTI.

If for any reason PTI does not contest the elections, a quarter of PTI supporters say they will vote for Sharif’s party PML-N.

Young voters prefer PTI and Imran
According to the survey, PTI and Imran Khan are very popular among young voters, especially among first-time voters. Imran is famous among the people who use the internet. PTI is most popular in North Punjab.

Less popular in Central and West Punjab. PTI also has huge support in Karachi. PML-N is stronger in Central Punjab than other regions. Less educated people are more supporters of PML-N.

Expert said: Imran Khan benefits from going to jail, Sharif has no issue
Analyst Imtiaz Gul says that parties conduct surveys to gauge the mood of voters. Imran Khan has chosen jail instead of compromise, this has increased his popularity. Nawaz’s problem is that he has no story to woo the voters.

First Nawaz and Maryam met former army chief General Bajwa, former ISI chief Lt. Allegations were made against General Faiz Hameed and the Supreme Court Justice, but seeing the matter going wrong, Shahbaz stopped them.

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