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Sikkim Flood: Cloud burst causes devastation in Sikkim, 14 people dead so far; Hundreds missing including 23 army personnel

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ANI, Gangtok. Cloud burst on Lhonak lake in North Sikkim causes flash flood in Teesta river basin on Wednesday (Flash flood) She came. Giving information on Wednesday, the state government said that so far 14 people have died due to the floods that occurred in Sikkim early on Wednesday. All of the 14 dead are civilians. More than 100 people are still missing in this flood and 26 others are said to be injured.

More than 3,000 tourists are feared stranded in different parts of the state. Many laborers working at Teesta Stage 3 dam in Chungthang are still trapped in the tunnels of the dam. Injuries and missing people were reported from Chungthang in Mangan district and Dikchu, Singtam in Gangtok district and Rangpo in Pakyong district.

According to the information received, when the weather becomes favourable, the NDRF team will be sent by air to Chungthang. After this, the tourists stranded in the state will also be evacuated. A meeting of the National Disaster Management Committee was held under his chairmanship. Sikkim Chief Secretary VB Pathak also participated in the meeting virtually. In this, the damage caused by the sudden flood as well as relief and rescue work were discussed.

Cloud burst at around 10:42 pm on Tuesday night

In the information shared by Sikkim Chief Secretary VB Pathak, he said that there was a cloud burst in Lhonak Lake at around 10:42 pm on Tuesday night. After this the lake broke its embankment and turned towards the Teesta river. The flow of water soon increased rapidly in various parts of the Teesta basin. The levels were particularly worrying in Chungthang where the Teesta Stage 3 dam had breached.

Communication system stalled in the state due to flood

Due to floods in Sikkim, many roads and bridges were washed away in the strong current of water. The communication system in the state has come to a standstill due to which difficulties have increased. Glacier lake Lhonak, adjacent to the North China border, about 73 kilometers from Gangtok, was already full. It was raining for two days.

Helpline number released for families of missing people

The Indian Army has launched three helplines for the families of those missing, including its soldiers. Mobile numbers are given below:

Helpline number for North Sikkim – 8750887741

Helpline number for East Sikkim- 8756991895

Helpline number for missing soldiers – 7588302011

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