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South China Sea Controversy; China Vs Philippines Coast Guard | Chinese ship collided with Philippines’ ship, Beijing said – they were patrolling our area

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This picture before the collision is taken from the video.

The conflict between the Philippines and China is increasing in the South China Sea. On Sunday afternoon, a Chinese coast guard ship collided with a Philippine coast guard ship. According to initial information – At present, there is no news of anyone being injured. However, after this incident the risk of military confrontation between the two countries has increased.

After the incident a statement came from China. It said- The Philippines ship was patrolling in Chinese territory. One more support vehicle was present with our coast guard ship.

damage to philippines ship

  • A military officer of the Philippines said- None of our crew members were hurt. The damage caused to the ship is being assessed. Two incidents have occurred in the South China Sea. Both happened in the place where most of the fishes are found. China has been stopping Philippines ships from coming here.
  • This officer further said – This incident could have been very serious, but our ship decided to move away from there very soon. I can’t tell anything more than this. Foreign and Defense Ministries will talk about this.
  • According to news agency ‘AP’, the conflict between the Philippines and China in the South China Sea has increased rapidly in recent times. The reason for this is that an agreement has been reached between America and the Philippines and now American warships are present here to help the Philippines Navy.

America said- this is a provocative action

  • US Ambassador to the Philippines Mary Kay Carlson said on social media – We condemn this incident. China’s Navy and Coast Guard have once again taken provocative action. The crew members of the Philippines could also have lost their lives in this collision. We are going to take some more steps to help the Philippines.
  • On the other hand, China’s Coast Guard said- Philippines ships were patrolling our border. We had also warned them several times. It was the mistake of the Philippines ship. Hopefully he will not do such things in future.
  • China has maritime border disputes with many countries in the South China Sea. Apart from the Philippines, these include Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan and Brunei. Now the American Navy also has presence here. Therefore, it can turn into a major military conflict at any time. In August, China attacked two Philippines ships with water cannons. After this, both Philippines and America had given warnings to China.

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