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Stay away from Hezbollah… America advised Israel not to attack Lebanon, Biden got very scared

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Washington: Hezbollah may also enter the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. There is talk of Hezbollah opening a front against Israel. However, America does not want Israel to conflict with Hezbollah. The Biden Administration has urged Israel not to launch a military operation against Hezbollah. America wants the current war not to spread beyond Gaza. When this happens, stopping it can become a challenge.

According to the Times of Israel, America believes that the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah has increased its activity on Israel’s northern border since about 1500 people were killed in the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7. To which Israel would also like to respond. After failing to anticipate Hamas’ attack, there is talk that Israel should fight against Hezbollah and weaken it. This is a cause for concern for America.

America’s advice to Israel – take steps with caution

The US has previously warned Hezbollah and Iran not to wage war on Israel’s northern front. The US has now warned Israel to be cautious in its military response to Hezbollah’s firing. America believes that a mistake by the Israeli army in Lebanon could lead to a major war.

On one hand, America is warning Israel. On the other hand, Biden official has indicated that if Hezbollah starts a war against Israel, the US military will join it in fighting the terrorist group. White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby has said that America does not want to jump into war but America has its own national security interests. In such a situation, if we feel the need, we will protect Israel.

Hezbollah targeted Israeli targets

Following the October 7 Hamas attack, Hezbollah has repeatedly fired anti-tank guided missiles, rockets and mortars at Israeli military targets. Besides, gunmen have also been sent to infiltrate into Israel. Several drones have also been caught in northern Israel. In such a situation, it cannot be denied that there may be retaliatory action from Israel also.

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