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Suddenly 1000 people became ‘dogs’, started barking and talking, a unique case of Berlin – Hundreds of people identified as dogs gather in city center Berlin Germany know reason tstm

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Many strange people are seen every day in the country and the world. But what if a thousand people start doing strange things together? Something similar was seen in Germany’s capital Berlin. In a strange incident, 1000 people were seen turning into dogs at the Potsdamer Platz railway station.

people were barking and talking

When the rest of the people suddenly saw all this, they were quite shocked. What was even more strange here was that all these people were talking to each other by barking. It seemed as if the dog’s soul had come inside all of them together. All these people were wearing dog masks on their faces. Whoever saw them, the ground slipped beneath his feet.

How did so many people suddenly become dogs?

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It is worth thinking that how did all these people suddenly become dogs? According to the news of Daily Mail, these so-called trans-species people claim that they do not feel like humans, but they feel like dogs. Also, these people have gathered for the rights of people who feel like this.

Japanese man spends millions to become a dog

All these people look like Toko, a man from Japan who some time ago spent 14,000 dollars to fulfill his desire of becoming a dog. Even today he is living his dream of becoming a dog. He had also recently said that he wants to meet like-minded people.

‘Is this a game or stupidity?’

Well, this meetup was also captured on camera, so the video of the strange incident went viral on social media. People commented a lot on the video and expressed surprise that how can someone become a dog? One person commented – If these people are dogs then what is the need to wear masks. One user wondered whether so many people really feel like dogs or is it a game. Apart from this, some people called it stupid and an absurd way to attract attention.

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