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Sunita and Muskan Baby threw dupatta and lifted their kurta and performed Gadar dance, Sapna failed!

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New Delhi. The craze of Haryanvi songs is continuously increasing these days. Haryanvi songs are especially seen and heard in weddings and parties. People’s minds go crazy after seeing the dance of the dancers of Haryanvi industry.

Although there are more than one dancer present in the Haryanvi industry today, but Muskaan and Sunita Baby have captured the social media at the moment. Both these dancers are very much liked.

Muskaan Baby Delhi and Sunita Baby's fight on stage / Masti Masti / New Haryanvi Dance DJ Thumka 2023

Whenever Sunita and Muskaan are seen coming on stage, they create a stir with their dance videos. Both the dancers have created a strong identity for themselves in a very short time. Fans come from far and wide to see their dance.

Sunita’s hotness makes the crowd of young boys lose their temper, who also gets a lot of pampering from the people. Thousands of people gather to watch the dance of Sunita and Muskaan. Every time they take each step on the stage, the crowd watching them also goes crazy.

Whistle to whistle wajdi jd me gidde vich aayi.  Smiling baby  Haryanvi Desi Dance 2022 Total Dance

Sunita Baby and Muskan Baby have created a stir in Haryana. Have you ever wondered what would happen when these two dancers were seen together on the same stage?

Yes, a similar video is currently going viral on YouTube, in which Muskaan and Sunita Baby are dancing together on the same stage. It is difficult even for us to say how excited the people watching these must be.

This dancer went viral overnight ~~ MUSKAN BABY NEW DANCE 2022 Muskan Baby's hottest dance HR

Today we have brought such a video for you, watching which you too will be enthralled. In this song, Muskaan Baby, Sunita Baby are seen controlling the people present there with their hot dance.

Apply perfume.  Smile baby dance|  Stage dance 2023|  EZAZ CREATION #viral #youtube #trending#video

Both of them are seen making strange noises in the middle of the dance. Both Sunita and Muskaan are seen dancing fiercely on the song ‘Masti Masti’ on the stage. Tau is not able to stop himself after seeing the dance of these two, Tau has also danced vigorously with these two. Its dance has made everyone sweat.

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