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Sunny Deol will play Hanuman in Ranbir Kapoor-Yashwali Ramayana!

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Ever since Nitesh Tiwari announced his film ‘Ramayana’. It has created a strong atmosphere. Two very big superstars are coming together in this. Yash’s association with any project after KGF makes him big in itself. Ranbir Kapoor’s popularity will definitely increase after ‘Animal’. Sai Pallavi is also in the film. Now the news is that talks are going on with Sunny Deol to play the role of Hanuman in it.

pinkvilla Has published a report. It has been told that Nitesh Tiwari’s team is in initial talks with Sunny Deol. Nitesh wants Sunny Deol to play the role of Hanuman. Pinkvilla quoted a source and wrote that Hanuman is a symbol of power and no better actor than Sunny will be found in the film industry for the role of Bajrangbali. Sunny Deol has also shown interest in working in ‘Ramayana’. According to the primary news coming out, Sunny is also excited to play the role of Hanuman. However, it is still the initial phase of discussion between the team of ‘Ramayana’ and Sunny Deol. Therefore nothing final can be said.

The talks so far have been positive. There are also reports that Nitesh Tiwari wants to make a separate film of Bajrangbali with Sunny Deol. The three films being made on ‘Ramayana’ are just a small part of Hanuman’s life. There are many other aspects to his story as well. Nitesh wants to explore these aspects. Since there is talk of making a separate film on the character of Hanuman with Sunny Deol, Sunny is considering Nitesh’s offer.

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Ranbir Kapoor is playing the role of Ram in the film. Sai Pallavi will play the role of Sita. Earlier, Alia Bhatt was going to do this role. Yash will be seen in the role of Ravana. According to the report of Pinkvilla, Sai and Ranbir will start shooting for the film around February 2024. The first part of Ramayana Trilogy will mostly focus on the story of Ram and Sita. This may end with the kidnapping of Sita. Ranbir and Sai will shoot for this part from February to August next year. Yash will shoot his part around July 2024. For this Yash has given his time of 15 days.

Since the first part will focus on the story of Ram and Sita, it seems that Yash will not have much of a role in the first instalment. but it’s not like that. Yash will have a decent role in this too. But Ravana’s character will dominate the story more in the second part.

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