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Supreme Court News, You seem to be unaware of the importance of Constitution Bench cases, what do you think about Article 370… When CJI Chandrachud pulls up advocate for saying the SC was wasting time on constitutional matters

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New Delhi : The Supreme Court on Friday rejected the allegation that it does not listen to common citizens. The top court said that it is listening to the ‘voice of the nation’ and the voice of the people of Kashmir on the issue of abrogation of Article 370. The Supreme Court said this while reacting to the email written to the apex court by lawyer Mathews Nedumpara. In that email, Nedumpara had claimed that the apex court was only hearing Constitution bench cases, which did not involve any public interest, and was not hearing cases of common citizens.

CJI D.Y. The bench headed by Chandrachud said, ‘Mr Nedumpara, I do not want to get involved in this issue with you, but the Secretary General has informed me about the email written by you to the Supreme Court, in which you have said that the highest The court should not hear Constitution bench cases and should only hear non-Constitution bench cases.

Nedumpara admitted that he had written the email to the apex court and said that by non-constitution bench cases, he meant ‘cases of common people’.

Emphasizing the importance of Constitution Bench cases, the CJI said, ‘I just wanted to tell you that it seems that you do not know what Constitution Bench cases are and you seem to be unaware of the importance of Constitution Bench cases. , which often include interpretation of the Constitution, which forms the foundation of the legal framework in India.’

He said, ‘You can think about Article 370 – this issue is not relevant. I don’t think the government or the petitioners for that matter feel that way. In the Article 370 case, we heard groups of individuals and interveners who came from the Valley and presented their views before us. Therefore, we are listening to the voice of the nation.

After a 16-day long hearing, the apex court had on September 5 reserved its verdict on the petitions challenging the abrogation of most of the provisions of Article 370 of the Constitution that gave special status to the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir.

The matter came to light after the apex court refused to entertain a petition filed by a micro small and medium enterprise (MSME) company for which Nedumpara had appeared. It refused to entertain the petition on the grounds that the petitioner did not challenge it in the High Court and instead moved the top court against the magistrate’s order.

While leaving after the order was issued, Nedumpara said that the court should take care of small business enterprises. After this comment, CJI Chandrachud asked about the email written by him to the apex court.

The CJI informed Nedumpara about the recent Constitution Bench case, the outcome of which would impact the livelihood of many drivers across the country.

The bench also included Justice JB Pardiwala and Justice Manoj Mishra. The bench told Nedumpara, ‘All cases of the Constitution Bench are not necessarily interpretations of the Constitution. If you had come and sat in our court the day before yesterday, you would have known that we were hearing a case which was related to the livelihood of hundreds and thousands of drivers across the country. The issue was whether a person holding a license to drive a light motor vehicle could drive a commercial vehicle.

CJI Chandrachud asked the lawyer to ‘remove from his mind’ that the Constitution bench of the apex court was hearing ‘only a few favorite’ cases which have no bearing on the lives of common people.’

After facing criticism from the court, Nedumpara said he saluted the court for doing a good job of enabling hearings digitally, which greatly benefited lawyers and litigants.

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