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Taiwan China Conflict; Chinese Military Planes Activities Near Island | 9 warships also entered in 24 hours; America’s security advisor met China’s foreign minister

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2 days ago

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Chinese warplanes can be seen in Taiwan's defense zone.  - Dainik Bhaskar

Chinese warplanes can be seen in Taiwan’s defense zone.

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry claimed on Monday that in 24 hours, 103 Chinese warplanes tried to infiltrate their territory. The Defense Ministry has described it as the biggest infiltration in recent times. Taiwan has said that by doing this China is trying to increase tension in the area.

China intrudes into Taiwan’s territory almost every day. However, between Sunday and Monday, 40 Chinese warplanes crossed the median line between the two countries and entered Taiwan. Earlier, between Saturday and Sunday, 63 planes had entered Taiwan. Apart from these, 9 warships also entered Taiwan’s area.

This intrusion by China took place at a time when US President Joe Biden’s National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan met Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi. During the two-day meeting, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi also raised the issue of Taiwan.

In Vietnam, the US President had said that the aim is not to start a cold war with China, but to bring balance in the world.

In Vietnam, the US President had said that the aim is not to start a cold war with China, but to bring balance in the world.

China-US discuss Ukraine, Taiwan
Both the countries want to remove the tension in relations after the spy balloon. In such a situation, the conversation between Jake Sullivan and Wang Yi is considered important. However, the details of what was discussed between the two have not been given yet.

The White House has said that the issues of Ukraine war, Taiwan and global security were discussed between the two. China has said that Taiwan is the red line in the relations between the two countries, which America cannot cross.

China had released a blueprint to capture Taiwan
Only last week, China had released a blueprint to capture Taiwan and annex it. For this, he wants to reduce the distance between the coastal region Fujian and Taiwan. The Central Committee and State Council of the Communist Party of China made Fujian a practice zone to capture Taiwan and then establish its power there.

About a month ago, soldiers of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) were seen training for an attack on Taiwan. On completion of 96 years of PLA, China released a documentary on state media CCTV. It was called Zhu Meng or Chasing Dreams.

Reason for US-China clash over Taiwan
The US restored relations with China in 1979 and broke its diplomatic relations with Taiwan. Despite this, America has been supplying weapons to Taiwan. China has objection to this. America has also supported the One China Policy for decades, but it does not have a policy on the issue of Taiwan.

President Joe Biden currently seems to be moving away from this policy. He has said on several occasions that if China attacks Taiwan, America will come to its rescue. Biden increased US officials’ rapport with Taiwan while continuing arms sales.

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