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Tamil Nadu Governor Skips Speech, Explained: In Tamil Nadu, the Governor did not read the speech, came out of the assembly before the national anthem, know what happened – why tamil nadu governor rn ravi not complete his address in assembly and left ahead of national anthem after nathuram godse comment

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Chennai: Like Parliament, sessions of state assemblies begin after the Governor’s address. Tamil Nadu Governor RN Ravi read a very short part of the address and then left the Assembly before the national anthem. A new controversy has arisen regarding this. There has been no reaction from the government on the matter, but DMK has attacked, while on the other hand Raj Bhavan has accused the state government of ignoring the Governor’s advice on this entire matter. In the statement issued by Raj Bhavan, it was alleged that Speaker M. Appavu has lowered the dignity of his seat and the dignity of the House by his indecent conduct. After this the Governor was forced to leave the Assembly House.

Controversy over speaker’s remarks

Governor RN Ravi was to deliver the address on the first day of the session of the Tamil Nadu Assembly. It mentioned the achievements of the government. The Governor started his address at the scheduled time. After welcoming everyone, he read only one paragraph and refused to read the facts (achievements) written in the address, saying that they were far from the truth and misleading. When the Governor did not read the speech, the Speaker read out the address in Tamil language. During this period, the Governor remained sitting in the House, but after this, when all the members including the Governor stood up for the national anthem, according to Raj Bhavan, the Speaker made comments that lowered the dignity of the Governor. He described the Governor as a follower of Nathuram Godse. Governor RN Ravi, who was present in the House, walked out after the Speaker’s act of lowering the dignity of the Governor.

Governor spoke only for four minutes

After the exit of Tamil Nadu Governor RN Ravi, the entire opposition remained sitting along with members of Congress and BJP along with DMK, AIADMK, PMK and other parties. The House later unanimously passed a resolution moved by Durimurugan. In which it was said to record only the written speech of the Governor in the Assembly, which was in English and Tamil. Appavu announced that no other remarks except the address would go on record. The Governor gave his address for only four minutes.

Raj Bhavan Vs State Government

Although differences have come to light between the Tamil Nadu government and the Raj Bhavan on many matters, but the Raj Bhavan has issued a two-page statement regarding not reading the address in the Assembly. It said that the draft copy of the address was given to the Governor on February 9. Many misleading claims have been made in this. After this, it has been said from Raj Bhavan that why did the Governor return to the Assembly? There are some reasons behind this. The first reason among these is that the national anthem was not played before the Governor’s address. The Governor had asked for playing the national anthem before and after and had also written a letter. The government did not pay attention to this. The second reason states that the Governor’s speech should be based on the achievements and policies of the government as well as the success of the programs and not make misleading claims. In which many political views are visible.

DMK targeted

On one hand, questions have been raised over the copy of the Raj Bhavan government’s address and not giving respect to the national anthem, while on the other hand, the ruling DMK in the state has accused the Governor of insulting the national anthem. DMK has shared the video of the House on social media platform X. In this, Governor RN Ravi is seen leaving the House. DMK has said that after the address was read, before the national anthem was played, the Governor insulted the national anthem and left.

Controversy came to light in KeralaRecently, Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan also ended his address by reading only the last paragraph. Last year, Governor RN Ravi did not complete the program of address in the Assembly in the traditional manner. He still went out before the national anthem was played. Then the government had strongly condemned the attitude of the Governor.

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