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The cost of 1000 condoms is 41 thousand rupees, the woman is tensed, how did the courier come – Ontario woman receives package of 1020 condoms never ordered, money debited from account tstm

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Nowadays people do a lot of online shopping. In this, the facility of receiving the goods sitting at home seems very good. Sometimes certain items are available cheaper online than offline. But sometimes due to error in address a big problem occurs. Recently what happened to an Ontario woman left her disturbed. Some couriers came to her address but there was something about it that shocked her as much as she felt embarrassed.

1,020 condoms suddenly arrived at home

Joelle Englehart of Ontario said a box containing 1,020 condoms, which she had never ordered, was delivered to her home – and she was charged about $500 (Rs 41,000) for them. Joelle Englehart of Chapleau said she received an email from Amazon about the delivery, but assumed it was fake because she and her husband had not ordered any condoms.

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41 thousand rupees were deducted from the account

“We assumed the email was a fraud because it was not something we purchase online,” Englehart told CTV News. She said that the delivery box arrived when her husband was recovering from an illness in the hospital. He said, “We got this box that had 30 packets of condoms in it and each package had 34 condoms in it, and we have no idea why these were sent to us. We really can’t understand what happened and “Why did we find a package at our house?” Englehart said he was even more surprised and upset to learn that $495 (41 thousand rupees) had been deducted from his credit card for the order.

Such cases have come before also

Regarding this, cyber experts said that the delivery is similar to a brushing scam, in which Amazon sellers send packages to random addresses so that they can increase the number of artificial reviews. Cindy Smith of Prince William County, Virginia, found more than 100 Amazon packages at her home earlier this year that she had never ordered. Amazon investigated and found that the seller was sending packages to random addresses to remove unsold merchandise from Amazon fulfillment centers.

Woman’s account has been hacked

But what happened to Englehart may have been caused by his account being hacked, because he was charged money for the package, said Claudio Popa, CEO of DataRisk Canada.

Refused to take back delivery

Englehart said Amazon initially refused to return the condom because it was labeled as a non-returnable item, but an Amazon representative said a credit was given to the customer’s card. “The customer’s account has been secured and their money has been refunded,” the representative said.

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