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The dead body of the girl was burnt after the rape… the culprit got death sentence, big decision of the court – Kaithal District Court gave death sentence to the person who raped and murdered an innocent girl lclg

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For the first time in its history, Kaithal District Court of Haryana has sentenced a criminal to death. The accused who raped an innocent girl has been sentenced to death. 11 months ago, the accused had brutally murdered a 7-year-old innocent girl living in the neighborhood and then burnt her body.

In fact, in the court of Additional District and Sessions Judge Dr. Gagandeep Kaur Singh, a person guilty of raping and then brutally murdering a 7-year-old girl has been sentenced to death. This is the first such decision in the history of Kaithal that a convict has been given death sentence.

The court has also ordered to pay compensation of Rs 30 lakh to the girl’s parents through the District Legal Services Authority. This compensation will be given by the state government. Apart from this, a fine of Rs 13 thousand has also been imposed on the culprits in different crimes.

In this regard, the girl’s father had registered case number 395 in Kalayat police station on October 8 under sections 365, 366, 376-AB 302, 201 IPC and section 6 POCSO Act. Later, after investigation, Section 376 (3) of IPC was also added to the case. The special thing about the case was that the police had prepared the challan in just 5 days and presented it in the court. How did Deputy District Attorney (ADA) Jai Bhagwan Goyal advocate on behalf of the complaining party? He was assisted by lawyer Arvind Khurania appointed by the District Legal Services Authority.

The incident happened on 8 October 2022

ADA Jai Bhagwan Goyal told that the incident took place on 8 October 2022 in a village of Kalayat police station area. An innocent 7 year old girl studying in class 2 was playing in the street of her house. Just then the culprit Pawan reached there. Masoom lived in the neighborhood of Pawan. Pawan coaxed the girl and took him with himself. When the girl did not return home for a long time, a search was started for her.

The half-burnt body of an innocent child was found on October 9.

When the girl was not found, a case of kidnapping was registered by the family at Kalayat police station. On October 9, at around 3 pm, the half-burnt body of the girl was found in the nearby forest. The police had called the forensic team on the spot. The police had detained the accused Pawan after interrogation. In the CCTV footage installed in the area, Pawan was seen taking the girl along.

First rape then murder, body was burnt after pouring mud gel on it

On October 10, the then SP Maqsood Ahmed, DSP Sajjan Kumar, Executive SHO of Kalayat Police Station Mahavir Singh, CIA Forest and Reserve team reached Kurad village. Pawan was interrogated. He raped the girl. When she screamed, he killed her by pressing her mouth. To destroy the evidence, he sprinkled kerosene oil and set the innocent body on fire.

Advocate Jai Bhagwan Goyal told that persons named Dilbag Singh and Mohan were the first to see the dead body of the innocent child in the forest. It was these people who had identified the accused Pawan. After this, a case of murder and rape was registered against Pawan.

34 witnesses were presented

The hearing of the case started in the court of the then Additional District and Sessions Judge Poonam Suneja. After his transfer, this hearing took place in the court of ADJ Dr. Gagandeep Kaur. Charges were imposed in this case on 2 November. A total of 34 witnesses were presented in the case.

Rarest of the rare case, death penalty was sought for the culprit

During the debate, Advocates Goyal and Khurania told the court that this case falls in the category of rarest of the rare cases, hence the accused should be given death sentence. On the other hand, the defense lawyer also strongly presented Pawan’s side. After listening carefully to both the parties, ADJ Dr. Gagandeep Kaur Singh found Pawan guilty of rape and murder and in the light of witnesses and evidence, in her 100-page decision, sentenced the culprit to death. Today a large number of people had come from the village to hear the decision.

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