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The Disturbing Truth Of Craigslist Killer Philip Markoff

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Meeting people online has become commonplace, especially with dating apps. However, the story of Philip Markoff, also known as the Craigslist Killer, sheds light on the dark and dangerous side of such encounters. In an era before dating apps, Craigslist’s personal information section became a platform for Markoff’s sinister activities.

A Promising Future Gone Dark: The Double Life of Philip Markoff

Philip Markoff, the Craigslist killer, was not your typical criminal. At 22, he was a promising medical student at Boston University, engaged and seemingly on his way to a successful life. His teachers praised his brilliance, but beneath the surface lurked a dark side that would soon be revealed. Markoff’s double life took a murderous turn, shocking those who thought they knew him.

Targeting Vulnerable Victims: Markoff’s Disturbing Modus Operandi

Markoff’s crimes primarily focused on advertising for sex workers on Craigslist. His choice of victims was reminiscent of notorious killers like Jack the Ripper. Instead of focusing on robbery for financial gain, Markoff sought to achieve dominance and control. Posing as a client, he would meet his victims in posh hotels, only to reveal a sinister side, robbing and terrorizing them.

Tragic End: Markoff’s Descent into Darkness

Markoff’s crime spree was short-lived and he was arrested within days. However, his story took an even darker turn when he took his own life in prison in 2010. Evidence painted a picture of untreated mental health issues, and the final act coincided with the anniversary of his canceled wedding. Markoff’s mental state, coupled with personal failings, led to a tragic end, denying justice to the families of his victims.

Not an isolated incident: The Craigslist murder epidemic

Philip Markoff may be notorious as the Craigslist killer, but he’s not the only one. According to Craigslist Killings, a blog dedicated to tracking such incidents, 132 murders have been linked to the platform. The grim reality is that as long as Craigslist is active, the potential for more such crimes exists, urging users to be vigilant.

Love Turned into Denial: The Shocking Defense of Markoff’s Fiancee

When Philip Markoff was arrested, his fiancee Megan McAllister staunchly defended him. Engaged to a medical student with a seemingly bright future, McAllister struggled to accept the shocking truth. Despite ample evidence, including bloody shoes, she initially claimed Markoff had been framed. However, the reality of his crimes eventually led her to call off their wedding.

Financial stress as a motive? Debunking the myth

There has been speculation about Markoff’s motive, with financial stress suggested as a driving factor. Despite carrying significant debts and facing financial instability, authorities concluded that Markoff’s actions went beyond mere financial desperation. His crimes reflected a darker motive rooted in the desire to dominate and inflict violence on women.

Blood Evidence: The Chilling Trail to Markoff’s Capture

Markoff’s arrest and subsequent suicide revealed a wealth of evidence, including the bloody shoes he was wearing during the murder. The case file showed a detailed investigation, with photographs, surveillance footage and incriminating items such as a hollowed-out medical textbook containing the murder weapon. The blood on Markoff’s shoes became chilling evidence that would play a key role in the trial that never happened.


The story of Philip Markoff, the Craigslist killer, serves as a stark warning about the potential dangers of online interactions. As technology continues to connect people, it is critical to remain vigilant and prioritize security, especially in the realm of online encounters.

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