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The entire Bengaluru city remained jammed for 5 hours, school children reached home by 8 pm, 10 helpless pictures of people trapped on the streets of Silicon City – Bengaluru Massive traffic jam Outer Ring Road 5 hours school children reached home by 8 pm helpless Silicon City pictures lcla

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Bengaluru city of Karnataka was horrified by the massive traffic jam. Here people covered the distance of one kilometer in about two hours. Children could reach home at night after school was over. Many people were stuck in heavy traffic jam for more than five hours. Regarding this, many people expressed their pain on social media and shared pictures and videos of helplessness. The traffic police has also issued an advisory to IT companies regarding the heavy traffic jam on the Outer Ring Road of Bengaluru.

According to the information, Bengaluru city groaned due to severe traffic jam on Wednesday. Vehicles remained stranded on the roads for several hours. Many vehicles broke down. Here the Outer Ring Road (ORR) area of ​​the city was most affected. People here said that they were stuck in the traffic jam for more than five hours.

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This jam in Bengaluru came a day after the Bengaluru bandh called by ‘Karnataka Water Conservation Committee’ of farmers and Kannada organizations. This bandh was called in protest against the release of Kaveri river water to Tamil Nadu.

The entire Bengaluru city remained jammed for five hours. (Photo: Video Grab)

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People troubled by the traffic jam shared many photos and videos on Twitter (now X) and told how they were stuck in traffic for several hours while returning from office. People stuck in the jam wrote on Twitter while giving information to other people that they should not leave the office before 9 pm and avoid going on ORR, Marathahalli, Sarjapura and Silkboard roads.

Shared the pain on social media, wrote – journey of five kilometers in 3 hours

An ex-user wrote that in the last 3 hours I was able to walk 5 kilometers in the traffic jam. it’s terrible! Another user wrote that it took two hours to cover the distance of 1 kilometer.

An X user also claimed that due to heavy traffic in Bengaluru, a school bus could reach the children’s home at 8 pm. While sharing the screenshot, this user wrote, Take care of the children! Some school buses arrived with children at 8 pm.

People were seen angry with the administration regarding traffic jam

Many X-users seemed angry with the administration regarding the traffic arrangements. One user wrote, ‘Today there is terrible traffic, it took 5 hours to come from office. Bengaluru traffic is at its peak!

Another Two-wheelers move on both sides of the footpath. What steps are you taking to take action against bike riders?

What is the reason behind this terrible jam in Bengaluru?

Comedian Trevor Noah canceled his show in Bengaluru due to severe traffic jam in Bengaluru on Wednesday. This show was to be held in the Outer Ring Road area. Trevor Noah was reportedly stuck in traffic for more than 30 minutes to reach where the show was to take place.

Many people of Bengaluru had bought tickets for comedian Trevor Noah’s show, they left their offices early to watch the show. Due to this the number of vehicles on ORR also increased. Passengers were stuck in traffic for 2-3 hours to reach the venue.

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The traffic on the roads of Bengaluru had doubled the normal number of vehicles. The number of vehicles here was to be between 1.5 to 2 lakh. However, according to the IBI traffic report, by 7:30 pm there were 3.59 lakh vehicles on the roads.

Apart from this, people were also preparing to go out of the city on the weekend. At the same time, rain was also responsible for this traffic system. Due to rain many roads were flooded.

Many vehicles broke down on the roads between 3:30 pm and 5 pm. At the same time, Ganesh Visarjan Yatra was also taking place in most parts of the city, due to which there was crowding.

BJP MP targeted the government

BJP MP-Bengaluru Central PC Mohan tweeted that traffic jam was faced near ORR in tech hub Bengaluru. Here technical experts, office going people and school buses were stuck for about 4 hours. This problem could have been solved by Baiyappanahalli-KR Pura metro link, but despite the approval of CMRS, the problem persists due to inaction of the state government.

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