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The Love Island 2021 drinking game: A weekend to not remember!

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Title 1: Get ready for the ultimate Love Island 2021 drinking game. The new season of Love Island has hit the screens and it’s time to make your weekends unforgettable with the Love Island 2021 drinking game. Bring your friends, grab a drink and let let the fun begin!

Title 2: What you’ll need for the Love Island Drinking Game 2021 To get started, make sure you have the following:

  • Your friends (the more the merrier)
  • Plenty of alcohol (beer and spirits)
  • Shot glasses
  • Half liter glasses
  • How to watch Love Island (ITV or ITV Player)

Title 3: Love Island 2021 Drinking Game Simple Rules The rules are as easy as pie. Just pour your drink (don’t forget those mugs) and play the latest episode of Love Island.

Rule #1: Take a sip every time someone goes to talk to another Islander.

Rule #2: It’s recording time when Iain gets Millie and Lillie’s names mixed up. Cheers to confusion!

Rule #3: Take a sip every time you hear a classic Love Island catchphrase like “You’re my type,” “it is what it is,” “robbed/treasure,” “eggs in one basket,” “loyal,” or “work a little “.

Rule #4: Record whenever someone exclaims, “I have a message.” Texts can be exciting though!

Title 4: More Fun Rules to Continue the Game Rule #5: Drink a drink whenever Kaz and Liberty appear together. They are the best in the villa, so get ready for some intense sipping!

Rule #6: Switch drinks to the right when Chloe flips, pulls, or wiggles her hair. It’s a hair-raising rule!

Rule #7: Take a drink every time an Islander talks about “corruption”. You have to make a serious effort to find love on the island!

Rule #8: Refill your drink whenever Iain serves up a dose of sarcasm. His comments are pure gold!

Rule #9: Shoot every time there is a ‘disagreement’ between Islanders. Drama calls for shooting, right?

Rule #10: Have a drink if someone has to leave the island. This is a bittersweet moment, so make it count!

Title 5: When to play the Love Island drinking game 2021 Love Island airs on weeknights and Sundays, with a peak show on Saturdays. For the ultimate experience, we recommend playing the game on Friday nights. These episodes often feature Recoupling, which means the tension, drama and broken frames are at an all-time high!

Title 6: Conclusion – Ready for the summer of love? Gather your friends, stock up on drinks and enjoy the Love Island 2021 drinking game. It’s the perfect way to start your weekend and add a touch of excitement to your Love Island viewing. Cheers to a summer full of love and unforgettable memories!

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