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The man cultivated frogs, then created an army of frogs, then took out the commander!

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You must have seen many armies in the world till date. This army works to protect the country from enemies. The government spends a lot of money to strengthen the army of its country. But have you ever seen an army of frogs? A video was shared on social media, in which thousands of frogs were seen in a big tank. These frogs were not of small size. All the frogs were very big and thick and fresh.

This video was shared on social media site Instagram. This video was shared on Instagram account frog_lover_world, which has been viewed millions of times so far. In the video, big fat frogs were seen croaking together. The person standing near it was seen taking out these frogs one by one through a big sieve. When the man took out a frog from water and kept it at a dry place, its size surprised everyone.

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People told about army of frogs
People are surprised to see this video shared on social media. Many people called it an army of frogs. Many people said that they felt shivers in their body after watching this video. One user wrote that the one who was thrown out became the most special among the crowd. In the caption of the video it was described as an army of frogs. Users told that this video is of frog breeders, who cultivate frogs.

Frogs are eaten with relish
Let us tell you that there are many countries in the world where frogs are eaten. These are produced through farming. Such small tanks are made and frogs are reared in them. When they grow up, people earn money by selling their meat. It is not that frogs are eaten only in China. Apart from this, frog is also eaten with gusto in countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia etc. In many countries people like to eat fat frogs while in many places small frogs are preferred.


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