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The mob tied him to a pole and kept beating him till he died, Delhi’s Isaar case reminded us of Tabrez Ansari.

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Tabrez Ansari Lynching Case: He kept begging for mercy, but he was beaten to death!

In the country’s capital Delhi, where a 26-year-old boy was surrounded by a crowd of dozens of people, it looked like a crowd of humans, but in reality he was a beast in human form. Such beasts were beating this 26 year old boy. Wherever his mind was coming, it was attacking the body of that boy. That lone boy was surrounded and beaten as much as he wanted. That boy was crying, hoping that maybe someone’s heart would be touched in this crowd, but hearts cannot be touched only when they are human beings. These demons did not stop here either. The boy was tied to a pillar to make it easier to beat. They tied him to a pillar and kept beating him until he came very close to death.

Delhi’s mob lynching case reminds us of Tabrez Ansari

This horrifying incident of trampling humanity took place in the beautiful city of Delhi. The name of the boy who was beaten to death by the mob was Isar. After killing the boy, he was thrown near his house. Isar’s father is a fruit trader in Sunder Nagri. When I saw my 26 year old son in a half-dead state, I was shocked. He was taken to the hospital, but the boy died. 26 year old Isaar was killed by a mob of criminals from Delhi.

26 year old boy beaten to death

Isaar’s father told that some people in the neighborhood accused his son of theft and then mob lynching started. Police have registered a case against 6 people, whose names are Kamal, Manoj, Yunus, Kishan, Pappu and Lucky. Isar’s case reminded us of the Tabrez Ansari lynching case that took place in Jharkhand in 2019. Tabrez Ansari was also murdered in a similar manner.

Tabrez Ansari was also tied to a pillar and beaten.

Tabrez Ansari worked in Pune and had gone to his village Kadamdih to celebrate the festival, but some people of the village accused him of stealing a motorcycle. The village people started beating him on the charge of theft. The villagers, blinded by hatred, tied Tabrez to a pillar and beat him badly. Religious slogans were also raised. After beating Tabrez severely, the mob handed him over to the police. Tabrez died the next day in police custody.

Wife fought a long battle for justice

This case of mob lynching came to light when the video of the beating went viral. In this video people were brutally beating Tabrez. It was also clear from the post mortem report of Tabrez that he died due to beating. A young man had become a victim of people’s hatred, just like Isar had died in Delhi. The case continued in this matter for a long time. Tabrez Ansari’s wife kept fighting for justice. Ultimately, in this case, the district court of Seraikela sentenced 10 accused to 10 years each.

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