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In recent years, the number of serial killers has decreased globally. Advances in investigative methods, forensic science, and increased bonding between parents and children contribute to this. In addition, potential offenders receive the help they need early, which leads to a reduction in the number of new serial killers.

I-70 The Murderer’s Unsolved Legacy

The I-70 killer, responsible for six deaths between Indiana and Kansas in 1992, remains at large. The striking similarities between the victims and the .22 caliber weapon used in the killings define the case. With a new sketch released in late 2021 and a historic German navy gun described as a potential clue, authorities are still seeking information on the 30-year-old case.

The Strangler in the East: The Mystery of the Unsolved Case

The East Side Strangler responsible for the 2006 murders of four women near Atlantic City continues to elude justice. Law enforcement again issued a request for information in late 2021, offering a $25,000 reward. Despite ongoing efforts, the case remains unsolved, leaving families desperate for closure.

The West Mesa Murders: A Dark Chapter in Albuquerque

The West Mesa Bone Collector terrorized Albuquerque from 2001 to 2009, leaving 11 women and an unborn child buried in the New Mexico desert. Despite an extensive investigation, the killer is still unknown. A $100,000 reward is still in place for information, and the search for justice continues.

The Long Island Serial Killer: A Decade-long Hunt

The Long Island serial killer case, marked by the discovery of ten bodies in 2010, has faced allegations of police corruption that hampered the investigation. In July 2023, a potential breakthrough occurred with the arrest of Rex Heuermann, who fits the profile of the killer. Heuermann has pleaded not guilty, adding a new chapter to this unfolding story.

The elusive presence of the Chicago Strangler

The suspected Chicago Strangler, believed to be responsible for numerous deaths from 2001 to 2017, remains a mystery. The three-part documentary series “The Hunt for the Chicago Strangler” sheds light on the unsolved case. Despite activists clamoring for answers, Chicago police have neither confirmed nor denied the existence of a serial killer.

Hercules in Bangladesh: Avenger or serial killer?

In Bangladesh, the so-called “Hercules” targeted alleged rapists, leaving messages around victims’ necks. The mysterious murders have fueled debate over whether Hercules is a vigilante or a serial killer. Investigations continue amid conflicting theories surrounding the motives behind these brutal acts.

Juarez, Mexico: An Unanswered Question

Juarez, Mexico, is struggling with a wave of unsolved murders, the motives of which remain unclear. Femicide, whether associated with a serial killer or gang activity, claims countless victims. In 2020, the murder of artist Isabel Cabanillas de la Torre reignited protests for justice, highlighting the urgent need for answers.

Pedro Lopez: Monster from the Andes

Pedro Lopez, nicknamed the “Monster of the Andes”, committed heinous crimes throughout South America. He was released after serving a shortened sentence, and his whereabouts are still unknown. With the recognized death toll exceeding 300, Lopez’s story reflects the challenges of dealing with serial killers in the absence of justice.

Killing Fields, Texas: Unsolved Mysteries

Texas killing fields hold the secrets of many unsolved murders. Victims like Heida Villareal Fye and others found in the area are still linked by a gruesome mystery. The police, calling for the public’s help, are trying to solve the mystery surrounding these cold cases.

Native Americans: The Serial Killer Threat

The Homicide Accountability Project suggests patterns of serial killers targeting Native American women. The Truckers’ initiatives against human trafficking aim to protect potential victims. Although progress has been made, there is still a need to address this issue.

Manchester Pusher: myth or reality?

Debate surrounds the existence of the “Manchester Pusher”, an alleged serial killer linked to bodies found in canals. Despite official denials, concern persists, fueled by inquests and documentaries investigating mysterious deaths in Manchester’s waterways.

Little Rock Random Stings

Little Rock, Arkansas faces a serial stinger whose attacks are seemingly random. With fatal consequences in several cases, police are seeking information to arrest the suspect. The community remains on edge until the perpetrator is caught.

Jeff Davis 8: Mysterious murders in Louisiana

Jeff Davis’ parish in Louisiana is haunted by the unsolved murders of eight women, each with unique circumstances. The lack of obvious connections between the victims further complicates the investigation. The authorities, calling on the public to cooperate, are trying to solve the mystery.

Rainbow Maniac in São Paulo

São Paulo, Brazil, witnessed a series of murders targeting gay men in 2008, known as the Rainbow Maniac Act. Despite the arrest, the suspect was found innocent, and the true identity of the killer remains unknown. Violence against the LGBTQ+ community in Brazil continues to rise.

Danilov the Maniac: Russia’s elusive killer

Russian maniac Danilov was active between 2004 and 2007, leaving behind a trail of gruesome murders. Despite the detailed description and DNA of the killer, the police were unable to identify the perpetrator. The case remains unsolved, highlighting the challenges of seeking justice.

Antonio Angles: The Mysterious Escape of the Spanish Suspect

Antonio Angles, the suspect in the 1992 Alcasser murders, remains elusive. Reports suggest his involvement in several disappearances in Ireland, raising questions about his escape and subsequent activities. Authorities are reopening the case, hoping for answers and justice for the victims.

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