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The most unique pond in the world, a swimmer cannot drown in it even if he wants to! Is it magic or something else…know it

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There are many such unique things in the world about which people have little knowledge, that is why people start associating them with magic. At some places colorful mountains are seen and at other places some strange creatures, all of them are considered strange and are taken to be magic or aliens. But the truth is hidden in nature. Nature itself has made them so unique that they look like magic. There is an amazing lake in the world, after hearing about which you will also get similar thoughts. No one can drown in this pond (Oasis in which no one can sink) even if he wants to. Whoever swims in it just keeps floating on the water. It is also compared to the Dead Sea.

Strange videos are often posted on the Twitter account @fasc1nate. Recently, a video has been shared on this account in which a person is lying in a very small pond. This is an oasis which is found in Egypt. This source of water, known as Siwa Oasis, is very unique in itself. That’s because a person swimming in it can never drown. You may consider it magical, but it is the result of science.

There is a lot of salt in this pond
Siwa Oasis is located in the western desert of Egypt, which is a natural spring. This place is 500 kilometers away from Cairo. Even if you do not know how to swim, you can easily go there and swim and you will not be afraid of drowning. In the viral video also you can see how a person is seen floating on water. It looks as if he is lying on a bed. He is not drowning inside. Let us tell you what is the reason behind this. Actually, the amount of salt in this water is 95 percent. Because of this the density of water increases significantly. The higher the density, the more difficult it will be to sink in water.

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Video is going viral
This video is going viral, it has received more than 61 lakh views and many people have also given their feedback by commenting. One said that the same thing happens in the Dead Sea also. One said that there is a lot of salt in Siwa Oasis because due to rain, water from the surrounding mountains also flows into it, due to which salt gets mixed in it.


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