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The Riddler Batman: All The Riddles In The Batman Explained With Answers

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In the world of Gotham City, the enigmatic Riddler challenges Batman with cryptic riddles. Let’s explore these cryptic riddles from the movie “The Batman” and discover their hidden meanings.

The Riddler’s Riddle

The film, directed by Matt Reeves, presents a darker, detective-focused portrayal of Batman. As Batman, played by Robert Pattinson, faces the wily Riddler, played by Paul Dano, the story unfolds as an exciting mystery.

Unraveling the mystery

The Riddler’s primary quest in the film revolves around uncovering individuals connected to an informant who is assisting the Gotham City police in capturing mob lord Salvatore Malroni. This leads to a chain of events involving Gotham’s influential people.

Gotham’s corruption

The film reveals a corrupt system within Gotham, where a powerful elite manipulates and exploits the city’s resources. The facade of justice after Mulroney’s downfall was shattered, exposing deep-rooted corruption within the police and influential figures.

Involvement of Thomas Wayne

The film points to the exploitation of Thomas Wayne, Bruce Wayne’s father, by powerful entities in Gotham. The discovery points to a history of corruption that has long plagued the city’s most influential families.


In “The Batman,” the Riddler’s riddles serve as a gateway to uncovering the dark truths hidden within Gotham’s corridors of power. Using these cryptic clues, Batman embarks on a quest to confront corruption and uphold justice in the iconic city. The journey of decoding each puzzle takes Batman closer to uncovering the pervasive corruption and the Riddler’s intricate scheme.

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