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The serpent wreaked havoc… first bit the two sons and then attacked the father, children died – Two brothers died due to snake bite and father admitted in hospital pratapgarh lclcn

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A snake-snake pair wreaked havoc on a family. First this pair bit the real brothers, they died. Three days later the children’s father was attacked. The person is undergoing treatment in the hospital. The snake-serpent pair stayed in the same house for three days. After a lot of effort, the snake charmers caught the couple. At the same time, there is mourning in the family due to the death of children. This incident is discussed in the entire area.

Actually, this hair-raising case is from Dhadhua Gajan village of Lalganj Kotwa. Bablu Yadav, who lives in the village, works in another city. His wife and two sons, 9 year old Agam Yadav and 7 year old Arnav, were living in the village. On the night of 17th September, a pair of cobra snakes entered Bablu’s house and bit the two brothers who were sleeping on the cot. He started shouting. When Bablu’s wife reached him after hearing the noise of his sons, she saw a pair of snakes running away.

Bablu is undergoing treatment in the hospital, his sons have died.

Father became unconscious after seeing the dead bodies of both the innocent children

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The family members first got the two brothers exorcised. After this he was taken to the hospital for treatment. There the doctors declared both of them dead. On receiving the news of his sons’ death, Bablu ran to the village. He fainted after seeing the dead bodies of his sons. The family and village people somehow managed Bablu and his wife.

Father rejected compensation of eight lakh rupees from the government

Lalganj SDM had reached the village after receiving the news of death of his brothers due to snake bite. He provided financial assistance to the victim’s family in case of death due to snake bite and gave a check of Rs 8 lakh to Bablu. The parents who had lost their sons refused to accept the cheque. Bablu told the SDM, “Sir, this (son) was my everything, now what will I do with the money?”

A pair of snakes and snakes.

on 20th september Bablu bitten by snakes

The family had not yet recovered from the shock of Agam and Arnav’s death when a mountain of sorrows fell upon them again. Due to the bite of the snake, both the brothers had died. The same couple tried to bite Bablu. On the 20th he had gone out for defecation. At the same time, the snake tried to bite Bablu, but Bablu was saved. But, seeing the snake he fainted. He was immediately admitted to the hospital for treatment. His condition is stable here. Although he is scared.

The snake charmers who caught snakes had arrived from Kanpur.

The snake charmers who arrived from Kanpur caught a pair of snake charmers

Snakes and snakes were present in the area. First the local snake charmers tried to catch him, but could not succeed. After this, snake charmers were called from Kanpur. Only then was this couple caught somewhere.

There was an uproar in the village.

Children’s father refused to accept the cheque.

On the matter, SDM said that two real brothers had died due to snake bite. The father had refused to take government assistance. He was given checks worth Rs 8 lakh. The father has refused to accept this cheque. It will be difficult to get this benefit later.

Report- Sunil Yadav.

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