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The story of this woman who earned crores by torturing men is no less interesting… – weird job woman claims men pay her to be tortured and humiliated insists her work saves marriages tstm

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There is no dearth of strange professions in the world. There are some careers that you will not believe in their existence. When a woman from Surrey, England revealed about her work, people were surprised. She told how she had earned a whopping amount of £250,000 (Rs 2.55 crore) by torturing men.

Men pay money to be tortured

Arnie ‘Ari’ Mactons, 31, from Farnham, works as a dominatrix, and men literally pay to be tortured at her hands. From verbal insults to whipping, Ari earns up to £175 (approximately Rs 18 thousand) every hour from her controversial career. He claims that through his career he has saved many marriages from breaking. She says: ‘I have always been open-minded. So when I found out that men were willing to pay to be tortured, I knew I had found my dream career.

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‘I saved people’s marriages from breaking’

Arie said that ‘Becoming a dominatrix can be very beneficial. Some clients have told me how I helped them with their weddings. Actually, he was unhappy due to his partner not being able to support him in his strange fantasies and was fulfilling these fantasies by paying money.

A man came and said- whip me

At the age of 19, she had her first dominatrix experience in a club where she whipped a stranger. She tells- ‘A young man came to me and asked me to whip him and I agreed.

created my own website

Eri further said, ‘I started whipping him lightly on his torso, but as soon as I saw that he wanted this, my interest in this strange thing increased. In 2011, at the age of 25, she became a full-time dominatrix and even created her own website, calling herself Domina Aranei. Dominatrix says that her work saves marriages from breaking.

‘Wanted me to trample his face with my foot’

She says- ‘One day I got an email from a man in which he wanted me to trample his face with my toes. This is a strange fantasy but this is what he wanted. ‘Someone else wanted me to insult him. It sounds strange, but what about me?’

‘Family has no problem with profession’

Today, Ari meets around 20 clients every month and earns good money just by banging them. Eri also tells that her family and friends have no problem with her strange career. She says, ‘Not everyone will like my work. This is not a 9 to 5 job but I must say, there is never a wasted day in my career.

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