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The Tragic 1987 Murder Of Chippendales’ Choreographer Nick De Noia

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Title 1: A clash of visions leads to fatal consequences

In the late 1980s, the Chippendales empire faced a dark chapter. Somen “Steve” Banerjee, the man behind the men’s pageant sensation, found himself at loggerheads with choreographer Nick De Noia. Their disagreement over the essence of Chippendales – the models versus the quality of the show – led to a bitter split, setting the stage for a tragic turn of events.

Title 2: Risky Gamble and Deadly Decision

Banerjee, who favored looks over production, kept the Chippendales clubs while De Noia took control of the lucrative tour. However, Banerjee’s gamble backfired as the concert tour turned out to be more profitable. Faced with increasing competition and regretting his choice, Banerjee resorted to extreme measures to regain the rights to the tour.

Title 3: Assassination Takes Place in the Shadows

In a shocking twist, Banerjee orchestrated De Noia’s murder, hiring a hitman named Ray Colon to carry out the gruesome act. De Noia was fatally shot in his office in New York, and Banerjee appeared to have successfully severed ties with the tour’s creator. The sinister plot unfolded without direct connection to Banerjee, who bought the rights to the tour for a substantial sum.

Title 4: Suspicion Grows, Secrets Are Revealed

Despite Banerjee’s apparent success, De Noia’s family became suspicious, feeling a connection to the unsolved murder. As Chippendales Universal changed hands for a million dollars, shadows of doubt loomed over Banerjee. The twist in the story came when the hired killer, Strawberry, became a whistleblower, uncovering dark secrets and connecting the dots.

Title 5: The FBI enters

Following the discovery of Banerjee’s involvement in murder-for-hire plots, the FBI swung into action. In collaboration with Ray Colon, they attributed both the murder of De Noia and sinister plans to the founder of Chippendales. A key conversation between Banerjee and Colon, recorded in Switzerland, exposed the truth. Banerjee’s confession sealed his fate.

Title 6: Justice delayed, justice denied

Banerjee’s arrest in 1993 marked the beginning of the end for the Chippendales mastermind. Pleading guilty, he was awaiting sentencing for De Noia’s murder. However, justice was never served, as Banerjee tragically ended up in jail a year later, leaving behind a dark legacy.

This chilling tale of betrayal, greed and murder reveals the sinister underbelly of the glamorous Chippendales empire, reminding us that success can sometimes come at a devastating price.

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