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The Vaccine War: Sudha Murthy watched Vivek Agnihotri’s film, said- ‘These children will be proud of their mother’

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New Delhi, JNN. Sudha Murthy Reviews The Vaccine War: Vivek Agnihotri is in the headlines these days for the film ‘The Vaccine War’. The film is going to be released this month. In such a situation, the makers have started promoting it in their own style. The film explores the efforts made by scientists and doctors to deal with COVID-19. Recently, a promotional event of the film was organized, in which renowned author and Infosys Foundation President Sudha Murthy also attended.

Sudha Murthy reviews ‘The Vaccine War’

‘The Vaccine War’ is releasing on 28th of this month. The film received positive reviews abroad during the screening. Now Sudha Murthy has also praised its story, concept and screenplay. He thanked Vivek Agnihotri and Pallavi Joshi for making a film that inspires millions. He said something heart touching about ‘The Vaccine War’.

Sudha Murthy said that she is happy with the content of the film and the message it gives.

“I understand the importance of a woman because she is a mother, a wife and also a career woman. It is very difficult to maintain a balance between family and work. But some people are lucky. In my case, my parents lived in the upper area and I lived in the lower area, that’s why I was able to do better.

‘Behind every successful woman is a man’

He further said, “It is not easy for a woman to concentrate on her career while raising children. He needs good family support. I always say that behind a successful woman is a person who understands her.

‘Children will be proud of their mother’

‘The Vaccine War’ shows the journey of a female scientist, who left her family and spent hours in the lab even during the pandemic. Their aim was to make a similar vaccine to get rid of Covid-19. He said, “The children are shown small in this film, but when they grow up, they will be proud of their mother for what she did during the pandemic.”

Expressed happiness on the message of the film

Emphasizing the message of the film, Sudha Murthy said that the film shows the efforts made in making Covaxin. Scientists worked hard day and night so that we could live well in independent India.

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