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There was a spy camera in the house of a female inspector, when the red color was seen in the bulb, the reality of her husband and brother came to light.

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Ghaziabad News: A surprising case has come to light from Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. a woman here The inspector himself has made serious allegations against her husband and her own cousin. The female inspector alleges that her husband and cousin brother installed a spy camera at home and recorded obscene videos of her. Now both of them are blackmailing him.

Actually, this matter has come to light from a society of Kavinagar police station area of ​​Ghaziabad. Here the female inspector lives in a rented flat. The victim says that the person who is blackmailing and making obscene videos of her by installing a spy camera is none other than her husband and cousin brother. The victim has registered a case with the police. Police has started the investigation of the matter.

Female inspector accused her husband and cousin

According to the information received, the family of the victim female inspector lives in Meerut and she is posted in Ghaziabad Commissionerate. According to the complaint of the victim, on October 13, she had taken two days leave and gone to drop her ailing mother home. Then on October 16, she returned to her flat. During this time, the lady inspector suddenly saw red light in the bulb holder in the evening.

When in doubt, the lady inspector called the constable working with her and got him examined. During this time the camera was also found along with the memory card. According to the victim, when videography was done in the presence of Govindpuram outpost in-charge, a WiFi connection was found installed on the ceiling of the bathroom. It is alleged that the woman inspector’s husband, cousin brother and an unknown person installed three cameras and made a video of the victim.

The female inspector also told this

The lady inspector says that after checking the memory card, her objectionable video was found in it. During this time, when he checked the house thoroughly, Rs 1 lakh and a gold chain kept in the house were also found missing. The lady inspector says that now the accused are threatening to make the video viral and are demanding money from her.

There is an ongoing dispute with her husband.

According to the information received, the female inspector is having a dispute with her husband. The victim says that she had given eight to ten lakh rupees to her cousin. But he is not returning the given amount. Now he is even threatening to make the video viral.

case registered

On this entire matter, (ACP Kavinagar) Abhishek Srivastava said, “On the basis of the complaint of the lady inspector, a case has been registered against the husband and the cousin brother of the woman. Further action will be taken based on the facts that emerge in the investigation.”

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