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These 6 all-time favorite web series are everyone’s favorite on OTT, watching which makes the heart happy: See List

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Nowadays a lot of films and series are entering the world of OTT. Webseries and movies of different genres are streamed every week. Viewers who like different genres watch webseries and movies of their choice on OTT platform. But there are some webseries which are everyone’s favourite. Every section of the audience likes them. Today we will tell you the names of those webseries.

Game Of Thrones : Game Of Thrones: Game Of Thrones is one of the most liked series in the world. Its first season came in the year 2012. This web series of politics, suspense, dragons, supernatural villains is very popular.

Friends: This show, which came in the year 1994, is the most popular show in the world. The whole world is crazy about this show. The story of this show is the story of 6 friends who feel like a family under one roof.

Money Heist: This webseries, which came in the year 2017, is popular all over the world. In this, a gang of 8 people sets out to commit robbery. And the mastermind of this plan is the professor who is the main character. The audience liked each of its seasons very much.

Breaking Bad: Breaking Bad came in the year 2008. This series is the top rated movie on IMDB. Its story is about a teacher who gets cancer. This series has also received 16 Prime Time Emmy Awards.

Panchayat: Both the seasons of Panchayat created by The Viral Fever proved to be quite popular. People of all age groups like this web series. All the characters of this series are very wonderful.

Kota Factory: Everyone liked the web series Kota Factory created by The Viral Fever and gave a lot of love. The story of Kota Factory is based on the students of ITT and NEET preparing in Kota. It is played by TVF’s favorite Jitendra Kumar in the lead role.

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