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This 40 storey building without windows is mysterious, is it a den of vampires or a hub of spies!

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33 Thomas Street – Mysterious windowless skyscraper: ’33 Thomas Street’ is a skyscraper in New York City, America. This 40 storey high building is quite mysterious. The surprising thing is that there are no windows in its walls. Due to which questions arise in the minds of people that what happens inside this building, what is its use and what is its truth. These questions have given rise to many online conspiracy theories.

According to the report of The Sun, what is hidden behind its doors, from the den of vampires to the ‘Men in Black’ headquarters. There are many crazy theories about this. Even veteran actor Tom Hanks is scared of this building. When he saw it in 2017, he wrote on X (formerly Twitter), ‘This is the scariest building I have ever seen! WTF goes on inside?’

Users on social media have started creating conspiracies about this. One person wrote, ‘Gives MI-6 vibes’. Another user jokingly wrote, ‘Lizard people don’t need windows.’ The truth behind this building does not conform to these conspiracy theories. However, it is interesting and reportedly has some dark secrets.

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What was it used for earlier?

This building is located at 33 Thomas Street in New York City. It is also known as Long Lines Building. It was built between 1969 and 1974 to house the telephone switching equipment of the AT&T (American Telephone & Telegraph) company, becoming one of the most important communications hubs in the USA.

That equipment requires a high level of space and a secure location, so the building’s floors are higher than average. Despite being as tall as 40 storeys, the tower actually has only 29 floors. It is also rumored that the building was designed to withstand a nuclear blast and contained enough food to keep 1,500 people alive for 2 weeks in an emergency.

Now what is it used for?

Since its construction, it served as AT&T’s long distance telephone exchange until 1999, when the company moved elsewhere. Today, the building is occasionally used for its original purpose of telephone switching by some local exchange carriers. Other areas of the building are reportedly used as high security datacentres. It is now known as 33 Thomas Street rather than the AT&T Building or the Long Lines Building.

There are deep secrets behind this

A 2016 investigation by The Intercept revealed that there is more to the building than meets the eye. Along with some conspiracy theorists, he tried to prove that this was a secret base of the National Security Agency (NSA). Their investigation provides ‘evidence’ that the building has been codenamed Titanpointe by the NSA. This investigation also includes documents leaked by Edward Snowden.

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However, the NSA did not He refused to comment on the revelations and kept whatever it was a mystery. Well, social media is divided on what’s going on behind the concrete walls. However, the vampire theory has proven to be the most popular so far.


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