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This expensive liquor is made from poisonous snakes of the world, know what is the effect of drinking liquor made from snakes on the body.

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There are many people in this world who are fond of drinking alcohol and drink different types of alcohol, both Indian and foreign. But today we will tell you about a liquor which is a poison in itself. Yes, actually this liquor is made from snake and you can understand how much poison is in the snake.

This is a unique liquor in the world which is made from snake and it has been told that the kind of snake from which this liquor is made. They are extremely poisonous and a single bite can kill you. The surprising thing is that people still consider it beneficial.

what happens after drinking alcohol

Let us tell you that this poisonous liquor originated from China but after that it gradually started being made in Vietnam and the people there drink this poisonous liquor with great enthusiasm. Tourists coming to Vietnam also like to drink this alcohol. Actually, it does not have any effect on the human body because the effect of snake venom gets lost if alcohol is consumed for a long time.

Where did alcohol originate?

Let us tell you that people drinking this poisonous liquor started it from China where this liquor was also used to free the people from diseases because its effect cures any kind of disease. It is said that blood is also mixed in this wine and it is kept in a cup and a drop of poison is added to it to kill the stomach of a live snake.

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